2010 Draft and 2010 Free Agency Best Options


Unfortunately the Bulls have switched picks with the Bucks this year but after reading multiple mock drafts I tend to disagree with the possibilities laid out.

1st Round- Ekpe Udoh, Paul George, Da'Sean Butler, Patrick Patterson(if he falls), Dominque Jones

2nd Round- If only the Bulls didn't trade all their 2nd round picks.

Hopefully Omer Asik comes to the Bulls this offseason.

Asik is performing at a high level right now trying to become the 4th Tukish player in the NBA behind Turkoglu, Mehmet Okur, and Milwaukee's Ilyasova.

Asik's 12.8 pts/game and 6.3 rbs/game were only 2nd on the team to Ersan Ilyasova, who is helping the Bucks in their playoff run.

-----Now for the 2010 Free Agency--------

It seems as if no one is A FAN of landing Lebron this offseason yet a Derrick Rose-Lebron-Noah connection is a guarantee CHAMPIONSHIP push.

Dwayne is supposly not coming to Chicago this offseason even though he is probably 2nd on the Bulls free-agent landing, which I believe will only make us a playoff team, not a CHAMPIONSHIP contender.

Joe Johnson is another 2 guard that I believe will only help us as another playoff contender, not a CHAMPIONSHIP contender.

Chris Bosh comments about how he loves Chicago but I am still backing my opinion of landing a 2 or 3 guy compared to a 4 or a 5 guy. The Bulls are in much higher need for the 2 or 3 position.

Amare is in the same position as Bosh, wanted but not at the top of needed. Maybe Amare would be a little less money so adding him with another top free agent wouldn't be so bad.

Boozer=no go on Bulls, unless lost all chances at other free agents.

If we do not get Lebron we are going to need two-top free agents this off season is the Bulls want to push in the playoffs in the ever so easy to make playoffs of the Eastern Conference.

Shannon Brown,SG, unrestricted

CDR,SG,  restricted team option

Raymond Felton,PG, unrestricted

Tryus,PF, restricted

Ray Allen,SG, unrestricted(possible veterans minimum/MLE?)

Randy Foye,SG restricted

JJ Redick,SG restricted

Anthony Morrow,SG unrestricted

--Starting 5 options--


LBJ!/who cares/Deng


Joe Johnson/Foye/ Deng S/T for Amare/
Paul George/JJ


Rose/Bayless via S/T Hinrich
Da'Sean Butler or Dominque Jones


Wade/Dominque Jones/ S/T Hinrich for PF
Lamarcus Aldridge/Taj


Rose/Shaun Livington
Monte Ellis(+1st rd pick swap) via trade Deng/Hinrich
Cousins(from 1st pick)/Taj


Everyone prob thinks these are crazy but I think these would be kick ass options to have.

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