Setting Up the Off-Season

We may or may not make the playoffs, I really don't think it hurts our status as players for the big name free agents this summer if we don't.  Players watch games and know what's going on in the league.  They know our best inside defensive presence and rebounder is out.  They can still see that this young squad is fighting hard for vics.  And they definitely can see the potential of playing beside D.Rose. 

I think I'm warming up to the idea of going after D.Wade hard in FA.  I was originally one of the "he doesn't fit" crew, but I'm watching him more closely now and think the 2 could make a nice combo.  I can live with Taj starting at the 4 (he just reminds of me of Horace Grant so much) and I think this summer he comes back with more muscle and a consistent 15-18 foot jumper.

The thing I'm thinking about most is what complementary pieces do we get?  Will we have enough money to get our max player and 2 lower-tier free agents?  What r we going to do in the draft, cuz I figure that will shed some light on who they place as a priority FA.

My thoughts and what I would do follow...

OK 1st things 1st, the draft.  Even if we don't end making the playoffs or with a higher pick than Milwaukee and they swap, it's not like we'll be losing that many spots.  We will still pick in the 14 - 18 range.  I truly expect this pick to be used on a big man, either included in a trade to land a young big like Bass, West or Millsap or maybe just to move up and pick the guy we want.  Truthfully I wouldn't mind missing the playoffs entirely.  2 things will result in that: u know Vinny will definitely be out and we could end up with a top 3 pick, we've been pretty lucky lottery wise lately.  Then we take the best big for our system.  Some guys I'm already drooling over r Greg Monroe (my personal favorite), Derrick Favors. Patrick Patterson, and Cole Aldrich.  With our 2nd rounder, u pick up a combo guard like Greivis Vasquez or Dominique Jones. 

My scenario: We end up with the 17th pick(just making the playoffs, but having to swap with Bucks), package that with Hinrich, James Johnson and our 2nd rounder to get Washington's #8, their 2nd rounder, and Nick Young.  We pick up Monroe in the 1st and Vasquez in the 2nd.

Now in free agency, we HAVE to get D.Wade, Lebron isn't leaving Cleveland, Bosh isn't leaving Toronto, and Wade is a better option than Boozer or STAT.  U can tell when u watch Miami Heat games that he's not too happy with the squad around him, especially Beasley, he seems constantly in his ear about hustling or mistakes.  Granted, I haven't seen many full games, but whenever I have, that's what I've observed.  I think he wants out, no matter who they want to bring in there to help.  I think they lost him at the trade deadline with no moves.

U get D.Wade and are left with a lineup like this:

PG D.Rose /Vasquez

SG D. Wade /N. Young

SF Deng / 

PF Gibson / Monroe

C Noah / Asik

Now with what's left in cap space we go out and get a Q. Rich and Mike Miller for cheap as a backup to Deng and some added shooting off the bench, and bring back Brad Miller for insurance down low.  I can't see any of those guys getting contracts much over 2 -3 mil per and Brad will take the vet's minimum. 

And this is your 2010-2011 Bulls Lineup:

PG D.Rose / Vasquez

SG D. Wade / M. Miller / N. Young

SF Deng / Q. Rich / M. Miller

PF Gibson / Monroe

C Noah / B. Miller / Asik


My questions to you guys are:  Where do u think we go in the draft?  What complementary players do u go after, after we sign our max FA? And how feasible do u think my plan is?

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