Game Preview #61- Bulls vs. Dallas Mavericks

[Thanks to KnickKnack for today's game preview. Brendan Haywood tweaked his back last night so he may not be available. I haven't seen any update on Hinrich either, but I'm assuming he's playing. This could be one of those unexpected wins to compensate for the tough loss to where .500 harmony is achieved -ed.]

The struggling Bulls play one of the hottest teams in the NBA tonight, the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavericks are coming off the front end of a back-to-back with a 108-100 win over the Sacramento Kings. Surprisingly, the Mavericks have won 10 straight games, but what is more surprising is that the Bulls have lost 3 straight games on there home stand. This game is a must-win to get back on a winning streak.

To beat the Mavericks, the Bulls have to play like with more offense. That’s right, there offense is struggling right now. It is almost at the standstill pace as it was early in the season when the team scored 80-90 points a night shooting mostly jumpers. It is extremely frustrating to watch the Bulls score 4 points five minutes, as they did Thursday night against Memphis. With seeing so many jump shots clank off the rim, time and time again. If Stacey King wants to start using his poster-maker more, we need more aggressive drives to the hoop. To win they will need contributions from there bench, coming from Hakim Warrick and Flip Murray, who both have been trying to find there fit on the team. They both have to deal with Dallas newcomers Caron ButlerDeShawn Stevenson andBrendan Haywood. Also they will have to control the Mavericks guard Roddy Beaubois, who is coming off a 22-point game against the Kings. If Kirk Hinrich has to guard him with his bad ankle, he could score 20+ again. The Bulls have to control the offense to win the game or it will the frustrating 4th loss in a row for the Bulls. That’s more frustrating than seeing Jerome James on the end of an NBA bench. Oh wait…


Quick thoughts:

-K.C. Johnson shared an fact on his Twitter page, "Bulls have been out rebounded 109-68 in the last two losses." I’ll let you guys discuss that one.

-That group that they had perform I Gotta Feeling in the 2nd quarter timeout in the stands might have been one of the coolest timeout entertainment I have ever seen.

-Kirk Hinrich injured his ankle late in the loss to the Grizzlies, any word about his playing status for tonight?

-I’m sure everyone saw what happened to Pistons guard Rodney Stuckey last night against Cleveland. He collapsed and was taken to the local hospital for further treatment on what is said to be seizures. I thought it was cool to see both the Cavaliers and Pistons have a post game huddle to say a prayer, it makes you realize that anything can happen, and I wish the best to Rodney Stuckey. What are your thoughts on this?

-It’s always neat to see Blackhawk players show up for Bulls games. Whenever the camera goes on them, Neil Funk has no idea who they are.

-I was watching a Bobcats game and Tyrus Thomas looks really weird with a headband on.

Go Bulls!

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