My "Lebron James/Derrick Rose" Theory

In this day in age... where advances in biochemistry and genetic technology is becoming more much advanced... I have often wondered...

If scientists could engineer the perfect basketball player... what would he be like? A better question... what if... hypothetically... the NBA wanted to invest millions of dollars into gene therapy... in order to produce the Forwards, Guards, and Centers of the Future. These players would set the standards even higher... with their superior athletic ability and intellect. Their genes would be perfectly "programmed" to ensure them success. They would have genes that far surpass an average human and display the "true" human potential.

Of course, all this is pure speculation... However one cannot deny that this type of technology... gene therapy... has so much potential to revolutionize our world... and significantly increase the standard of livings for all... IF it was widely available... which it isn't currently... also the military has to be testing such technology as we speak...

Lebron James is the best player in the NBA. To some this an opinion... to me this is fact. Derrick Rose is the most athletically gifted point guard in the NBA. My opinion. His overall skill set needs development of course... but I honestly believe that he has the physical genetic makeup to be the revolutionary point guard of the future.

All this talk about genetic therapy... Lebron James.... and Derrick Rose. How do they exactly correlate to each other?

Read on... my theory on the origins of James and Rose...



Lebron James Theory (Plausible in an Alternate Reality)

Now from personal research... apparently his father was an ex-con named Anthony McClelland. Not much is known about him really. But what if... what if... There was no Anthony McClelland? What if Lebron James was a test-tube baby and his mother Gloria was a surrogate mother whose egg was genetically modified to give her son superior basketball genes...and ensured her millions of dollars in the future?

(What if) The NBA secretly funded this "project" 25 years ago in order to ensure that they would have a massively marketable superstar to carry the company for the next several years...

In this alternate reality scenario... the NBA secretly funded the development of Lebron James since birth. He was constantly swayed in the direction of athletics. His poor upbringing force James to work harder for everything he wanted... because even with the "best" genes... it is ultimately our culture... our society that determines our fate... our destiny... our potential as human beings.

Also it served as a cover...

Being from Akron, Ohio... the NBA secretly toyed with the draft process and gave The Cleveland Cavaliers the First Pick for James because they wanted to expand upon the Ohio basketball market... Even though many people consider the Ohio Market really small... after a few couple championships... things could change. I mean if you are the NBA... wouldn't you want your "product" too have as much presence all over America as possible? If there isn't a "market" then what a company usually does with their limitless vast resources... is to "create" one in a specific area of their choosing...

And now before today... we see the greatest basketball player alive since Michael Jordan. Lebron James... constantly dazzling us with his amazing speed... strength... stamina... skill set... and overall basketball IQ. Of course in actual reality it was years of hard work and sacrifice... and the fact that he basically played basketball since he was born.

So what if... what if... perhaps... he was a product of a the NBA... a creation... a formation... a result... of years of genetic research and development? That maybe his whole existence and success in life... was elaborately planned before the day he was even born...

All so the NBA could make millions of dollars marketing him.

My Derrick Rose Theory

(The following will was typed in a sort of storybook format)

In some sort of bizarre alternate universe... Jerry Reinsdorf is a very selfless man that wanted to provide the best basketball for his fellow people of Chicago...

During the 1980s and 1990s... he saw first hand the greatest player ever... Michael Jordan... play every night in the United Center.

Specifically in the 1986-1987 season... he saw Michael Jordan put up over 3000 points in one season. At this point he knew that this man was something special... and decided to use Jordan as a catalyst for his future money making plan...

Reinsdorf hires somebody to sneak into the Bulls locker room and steal Michael Jordan's hair samples. These hair samples were then taken into a science lab and analyzed.

Scientist specifically looked for the "basketball" genes in Jordans hair samples. All the things that made Jordan great... his mindset and physical mechanics... were secretly extracted from his DNA. With all his great basketball genes... mapped and extracted... the scientist now needed a surrogate mother that also had the right genetic makeup to conceive the "perfect" basketball player.

Reinsdorf quickly found a surrogate mother in Chicago. The mother agreed to make sure her son would be swayed in the direction of basketball... with the help of her older sons.

The next year... Derrick Rose was born.

While he was growing up... Reinsdorf needed a plan to ensure that his "product" would fall into his hands when the time came.

Through a series of secret side deals with the NBA and other NBA franchises... Reinsdorf and his employees were guaranteed the first pick of the 2008 NBA draft... around the time when Derrick Rose was projected to be ready for the NBA...

Reinsdorf was ultimately able to fund all this... due to the surplus of money he made when Jordan won his franchise 6 championships...

Knowing that Rose would not be ready until 2008... The Bulls Organization knew they had to formulate a young nucleus to surround their future center piece... so they draft  drafted players like Kirk Hinrich... Luol Deng... Ben Gordon... Tyrus Thomas... and had them carry the franchise during the years while Rose was still developing.

Certain pieces came and go... others were forcibly "phased" out. Through some past mishaps and unforeseen circumstances... the Bulls weren't able to form the "best" team around their centerpiece.

Ultimately 2008 came.

The End.

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