The Rest of the Eastern Conference Season Seeds 5-9

The Rest of the Eastern Conference Season Seeds 5-9

Using the most pessimistic approach as a Bulls fan and the most optimistic approach as a fan of any of the other teams. PROBABLY not realistic (Not factoring in back to backs, injuries, road/home games) but this is the best (I think) any of the remaining teams can do.

Miami: Current record 34-32 (After hosting the Bulls on 3/12/10)

12 Wins over the rest of the regular season over: Philly, New York, Philly, New Jersey, Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Indiana, Minnesota, Philly, Detroit

4 Losses to: Orlando, San Antonio, Charlotte, Toronto

Overall Miami record after the season’s last game: 46-36


Charlotte: Current record 33-31

14 wins over: LA Clippers, Indiana, Miami, Minnesota, Washington, Philly, Milwaukee, Chicago, New Orleans, Houston, Detroit, New Jersey, Chicago, Miami

4 losses to: Orlando, Oklahoma City, Atlanta, Toronto

Overall Charlotte record: 47-35


Toronto: Current Record 32-31

11 wins over: Golden State, New Jersey, Minnesota, Miami, Charlotte, LA Clippers, Philly, Golden State, Chicago, New York, Detroit

8 losses to: Portland, Atlanta, Oklahoma City, Utah, Denver, Cleveland, Atlanta, Boston

Overall Toronto record: 43-39


Milwaukee: Current Record: 35-29 after win over Utah (3/12/10’s game),

8 Wins over: Indiana, LA Clippers, Sacramento, Philly, LA Clippers, Chicago, New Jersey, Philly

10 losses to: Denver, Atlanta, Miami, Memphis, Cleveland, Charlotte, Phoenix, Atlanta, Boston, Boston

Overall Milwaukee: 43-39



Chicago: Current Record (After 3/12/10 loss in Miami) 31-34

6 Wins over: Philly, Houston, New Jersey, Detroit, Washington, New Jersey,

11 losses to: Memphis, Dallas, Cleveland, Miami, Phoenix, Charlotte, Milwaukee, Boston, Cleveland, Toronto, Charlotte

Overall Chicago: 37-45

Standings will be:

5. Overall Charlotte record: 47-35

6. Overall Miami record: 46-36

7/8. Overall Toronto record: 43-39-Overall Milwaukee: 43-39

9. Overall Chicago: 37-45


Again, this is being as pessimistic as possible as a Chicago fan. Do I hope we make the playoffs? Yes, I do. This was created so that hopes wouldn’t be crushed. It’s always better to prepare for the worst, yes? So tell me if you think this is plausible or not.


*disclaimer: I didn't use any stats in the creation of this, just went through the schedule.


EDIT: Hollinger power rankings say that Chicago has a 37.8% of making the playoffs & 0.5% of Lottery.

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