Knicks vs. Bulls in FA

I was just sitting here thinking about all the positive things the Bulls have to offer free agents come this summer. Then I had a thought. The Knicks have some pretty good assets to offer free agents as well. So I will do a small comparison of the teams with positives and negatives. (This is assuming that they all decide they hate their teams and that Chicago/NY are the only options. I know there are other teams, but I don't feel like checking up on the Nets or Miami.)


Chicago Bulls Positives:

-We have Derrick Rose. Nuff said

-Big City Market for free agents. Most attended games in the league, one of the most profitable orgs

-We have Noah and Deng to support FA + Rose.

-Our record is hovering ~.500, despite all our shortcomings.

-We have a modern legacy in having success with superstars.

-We have the $$


Chicago Bulls Negatives:

-First and foremost is the possibility that VDN may be back next season.

-Beyond Rose, Deng, Noah and Hinrich/Miller/Taj to a smaller extent, we have nothing. Our bench is god awful. And we don't have much chance to improve it. JJ is unpredictable, although showing some promise recently. We have no 2nd round picks for couple seasons. We're swapping first round picks with Milwaukee unless we completely blow the rest of the season.

-We have VDN

-Our organization is stingy with cash, to put it kindly. So it's unlikely we will go over the cap to build a championship team, unless we land Dwade or Lebron (because it's almost a given we get rings with one of those two +Drose. And if anyone disputes this point, I have only this to say: As of right now, Drose is averaging 20.3 ppg being the known main offensive threat with nobody to draw double teams off him. If he has another scorer, he gets to the basket more, gets more open shots, more assists, etc. and our offense would be unstoppable with Wade/Lebron + Noah to mop up any misses. Defense can be worked on.)

- We have VDN. It's important to stress because we, as fans, can obviously see that Vinny's playbook consists of: 1. Give it to Drose and hope it works, 2. Give to Pargo for "instant offense", 3. Bench our hot players. If fans can see this, players definitely can.


Now it's time to asses the NYK.

Knicks Positives:

-They have Mike D'Antoni, who is known for being able to run a fast paced offense, and has a pretty damn good record (Excluding his time with the Knicks.) He was 21-40 in 04-05 with Phoenix. Then, he went 62-20, 54-28, 61-21, 55-27 the next four seasons respectively. Pretty damn good.

-They also have the Big City Market. However they have the Garden.

-The Knicks pieces include David Lee (I know FA this summer but im assuming they're going to work to keep him). They also have Al Harrington (18 ppg) and floor-spreaders in Eddie House (I don't know if he's there for more than this season) and Danilo Gallinari. After these guys there isn't much.

- They have a ALOT of cash. ALOT. Possible Scenarios: 1 max FA + signing a few 2nd tier free agents to support him + existing pieces, or 2 max FAs and existing crew plus draft picks. Neither are bad cases.


Knicks Negatives:

-They're god awful right now

-Been stuck in the dregs of the EC for a few seasons now

-It would take a tremendous effort by the front office and a good deal of luck for their plan to work their first season. More likely, it would take a few seasons to build a championship team. Since the max FAs want to win big during their prime, this is a big negative. The Bulls have the one up here because they are already decent.

-The Knicks have a terrible reputation right now, with their recent history.


Overall, I think the Bulls' chances are better, but not by far. What do you guys think?

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