Kirk Hinrich is Killing the Bulls Softly With His Offense

Kirk Hinrich is one of the worse offensive guards in the NBA.  He isn't just bad.  He isn't just streaky.  Of the guards playing major rotation minutes in the NBA, Hinrich is one of the worst offensive players.  On par with guys like Duhon, Earl Watson, Q Rich, Mario Chalmers, and Steve Blake

By popular request, I am posting some facts about Hinrich.  In truth, since I first posted these numbers, Kirk has improved.  Unfortunately, he is still terrible.  Some of you might not like this.  Some of you may want to attack the messenger.  I don't care.  The guy sucks, and his offensive play is indefensible.  On to the horror -

Of the 74 guards playing more than 25 MPG this season, Hinrich ranks 63rd in fg%. 65th in TS%, and 65th in PER. Which is why, I guess, that despite the Bulls being devoid of offensive options, Hinrich ranks 60th in USG%.

Of the 166 players in the NBA playing more than 25 MPG, Kirk Hinrich and his $9.5 a year rank 154 in PER, 152 in TS% and 151 in FG%. Let this sink in. Of all the regular rotation players in the NBA, Hinrich is one of the worst shooters AND contributes the least in other offensive categories.  So never let it be confused again.  Hinrich is one of the worst offensive players in the league in all the categories that matter.  He is the 98th ranked 3pt shooter in the league. Despite being a "true point" his assist percentage is lower than Joe Johnson, Monta Ellis, Beno Udrih and Allen Iverson.  So he isn't creating opportunities for others either... What exactly is he doing out there? 


I know we get all excited when he has one of his nice games and scores 15 points.  The Hinrich fans come out and say - "see, look at our boy."  Of course, Hinrich scoring over 15 points is rare, so why not brag.  Our starting shooting guard has scored over 15 pts a grand total of 6 times this season.  Hinrich has not scored over 20 pts in a single game all year!  Not one time.

Hinrich is a terrible offensive player.  The END.....

P.S. -

But Hinrich plays great D! He plays awesome D! Sure, I don’t buy it, but sure. Truly, Hinrich’s D is his only value to the Bulls. Because Rose and Salmons struggle defensively, and Pargo/Hunter have no place on basketball court, Hinrich’s D stands out.

Kirk Hinrich is overpaid relative to other high level perimeter defenders. Hinrich makes more than Ariza, Battier, Artest, Shaw Marion and Sefolosha (a player with similar shooting numbers to Hinrich). He makes more than Anthony Parker, West, Mo Williams or Boobie Gibson.

Hinrich is overpaid relative to other starting guards and wings on teams comparable to the Bulls. He makes more than Crawford, Bibby, or Stephen Jackson. Kirk Hinrich makes more than Devin Harris, Jameer Nelson or David West.

The list of perimeter players who make more than Kirk Hinrich, but produce less includes only Tracy McGrady, Michael Redd and Larry Hughes. Two guys with catastrophic injuries and a former Bull.

And one more point, over the last 5 games the Bulls D has been terrible.  I'm not blaming Hinrich.  But please, do not call this guy the backbone of any great D.  That was Noah, Tyrus and Taj. 

The End... for now.


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