A Chicago / Sacramento trade poposal.

This trade needs to go down simply because we have a need and they have a need. We need shooting from the SG position and they need a PG who can lead a team and defend. They also happen to need an athletic shot-blocker for their front line.

We send Kirk, Tyrus, an unprotected 1st and maybe the rights to Omer Asik in exchange for K-Mart, Rodirguez and May. The salary works on ESPN trade machine: LINK.

Why we make this trade.

We need a shooter to fill the void at the SG spot and K-Mart fits that bill. He is only 27 years old and would flourish next to a PG like Rose for the next 5 years. K-mart's contract is similar to Kirks and would still allow us to sign a max-free agent PF in the off-season. We would still have 19 to 20 million in cap-space to chase Bosh, STAT, Boozer or Lee this upcoming off-season.

Rodirguez would hold down the back-up PG spot and May would give us depth on the front line. We also inherit Rodirguez bird-rights , so he might be inclined to re-sign with us next year.

Why the make this trade,

K-Mart and Evans don't mix and they need a starting NBA PG. Unless they New Jersey is willing to swap Harris for K-Mart and I don't think the Nets are willing to give up on Harris to get another wing player, because they have like 20 SG's and SF's.  Kirk brings them defense, leadership and can knock down the 3pt shot. I think he would be an ideal fit next to Evans and might even teach him  some defensive intensity. The Kings have no shot-blockers. Tyrus would give them a big boost in that area and might actually thrive in a 3 big-man of Thompson, Tyrus and Hawes. Tyrus would probably have a re-birth in Sacramento maybe not all-star, but maybe 12 ppg / 8 rpg / 3 bpg numbers. We also give them Asik to sweeten the deal, who also would add a shot-blocking Center to back up Hawes.  

They also get a 1st rounder that would probably be in the high teens. They have sucked this year and will probably get a high pick and end up drafting someone like Evan turner or John Wall.


Final thoughts.

This trade helps both teams. The Bulls get a SG who would fit great next to Rose and maintain enough cap-space to chase an All-Star PF. The Kings get a starting NBA PG and (2) shot blocking bigs in Thomas and Asik and a future draft pick. Imagine if we made this trade and were able to land a low-post scorer, our starting 5 would look like this:

PG - Rose

SG - Martin

SF - Deng

PF - Bosh / Boozer or STAT ?


We would till have Taj and JJ backing up both Forward positions and we could re-sign Miller and Rodirguez as well. I know the Bulls don't have the savvy to pull of a trade like this, but it's all right to dream I guess. 


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