Headlines for the Bulls over the next six months:

     In an effort to concentrate all of my disdain on the franchise, I created a few mock (as in mocking) headlines and blurbs on what I think the future moves of the Bulls organization will be. And, yeah, really, I could see the following scenarios happening over the next six months.

Bulls Stand Pat At Trade Deadline Feb. 19, 2010
      After two years of team-changing, dynamic trades, the Chicago Bulls have decided not to interrupt the team chemistry that has evolved this season. The Bulls will finish off this season with the team they have, hoping to make the playoffs to entice future free agents. The Bulls will have enough cap room because they are good enough to make moves to get it.

Bulls Charge Ends Short April 22, 2010
     After last year's heroic playoff series against the Boston Celtics, the Bulls thought they had a chance as they brought back basically the same team but were a year older and more experienced. Plus, after getting rid of selfish players in Ben Gordon (who can't even start for the Pistons) and Tyrus Thomas (who couldn't start in the D-League), they were more of a team. They had a lot more ball movement... basically because other than Derrick Rose, no one wanted to shoot.

     Unfortunately, the Celtics were fully healthy this season...

Drafting 18th Overall, Bulls Single Out Singler June 25, 2010
     Citing his hard work, determination and winning pedigree, the Bulls selected Duke SF/PF Kyle Singler in the 2010 draft. Even with many players available that were rated highly on draft boards and experts thought would fill the Bulls needs better (such as Xavier Henry, Greg Monroe or Larry Sanders), and some even pegging the former Blue Devil as going in the second round, the Bulls lauded Singler's perennial ability to get into the tournament but never win it all as a model to strive for.

John Salmons Opts IN! June 30, 2010
     Citing the professionalism, continuity, family atmosphere and clear direction of the organization, John Salmons has decided NOT to opt out of his contract. He will be around another year. The Bulls will not have max cap space.

UPDATE: Less than three hours after his comments, John Salmons was presented with a laminated Lifetime Membership Card to the Jerry Reinsdorf Bulls Organization.

Bulls Chase Max Free Agents Through Pamplona and Beyond July 3, 2010
     Despite having only $15 million in cap space with most of the super stars available able to sign for $17.5 million, the Bulls have pursued nearly all of the free agents this summer. LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Dirk Nowitski, Tracy McGrady and Steve Nash (among others) have all been contacted by the Bulls, according to sources. Even Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire (the latter having opted in earlier this summer) have been called. The Bulls feel these players will take less money to come play in Chicago due to its prestige and a chance to further the Bulls dynasty

Bulls get SUPERDUPERMAXFREEAGENTSTAR in 2010 Free Agency Bonanza August 21, 2010
     2000, this is not. It took a decade, but the Bulls finally figured out how to land those super stars that come once in a generation and will lead teams to the promised land of a NBA Championships. And this year they got two, and at bargain prices like only the Bulls can.

     The Bulls spent roughly $15 million this year and $75 million over the next five years to studs David Lee and 2008 2nd-round pick Omer Asik. This is all of the Bulls cap space and barring minor moves, the team will look like this heading into Fall Training: Derrick Rose, Kirk Hinrich, John Salmons, Luol Deng, James Johnson, Kyle Singler, David Lee, Taj Gibson, Joakim Noah and Omer Asik. CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!

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