What Free Agent(s) Should We Target?

Now that we know we can at least sign one Max guy.  And the possibility of getting 2, one through sign and trade is out there.  Who should be our top priorities?

I've been doing some thinking and what I came up with might surprise ya'll, it makes sense to me, but I might get cooked for putting this out there. 

So be it, I like starting up stuff.

Before I start, I believe Lebron is going nowhere, so I left him out, but he would definitely be #1 if he decided to move.

My #1 priority would be getting Chris Bosh, I'm finally starting to warm up to Taj, but I think he would be much more effective coming off the bench.  Bosh is what we've been looking for.  The low post scorer, that demands a double team, rebounds AND plays more than decent D.  Even if we only sign him and have no sign and trade, this makes us an Eastern conference contender right away.


My 2nd priority will be a surprise.. STAT is the pick here.  I know he doesn't rebound or play D as well as many would like, but he's a bonafide scorer from the 4.  We need those low post points more than rebounding or D.  Noah eats everything up under the glass anyway and Amare is still a decent weakside defender. 


My 3rd priority would be Joe Johnson, even though I'd rather sign one of the PF's first, then work a sign and trade for him.  I like him on this team more than Wade.  Wade just doesn't fit in with D. Rose as our 2, and he gets hurt so much, I don't think I can remember him ever playing a whole 82 games, and it seems like he misses double digit games not just 4 or 5.  I've seen the predictions about Johnson's decline, and I can understand where they are coming from, but I don't agree with them.  I believe he ages in the Ray Allen mode, more than the Michael Finley mode.  So if 2 or 3 years from now, he's averaging 16 or 17, instead of the 20, he is now, I'll take it.  As long as he provides the steady outside threat at the 2 that is needed to play along D.Rose, and we have a young 4 that can score down there.


After those 3, I have D. Wade, David Lee, Mike Miller and Manu.  The last 3 assuming that one of the top 3 is signed first. 

Of course, D. Wade would be a nice addition, I'd love to have him, but I think we have better options to put alongside D.Rose.

I can't help thinking that if David Lee actually plays the position he supposed to be playing (which is the 4 IMO) that he would beast out even more than he does now as the Knicks starting center.  If we can't get the first 2, sign him up and put him beside Noah and sign Johnson as your 2.

If we can get one of the first 2, but can't work out a sign and trade for Johnson, then Manu and Miller, should be strongly consider as 2's to go into the season with.


So there it is, as always opinions welcomed...

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