2010 Best Possible Free Agency Landing


Now that the Bulls have traded away last years Playoff miracle, John Salmons, and the ever so hated by many yet I believe with unbelievable talent and athleticism, Tyrus Thomas, 2010 Free Agency is wide open. Tyrus should not have been traded while Kirk Hinrich should have. If we would have kept Tyrus the free agent talks for a power forward like Chris Bosh, Carlos Boozer, or even David Lee moving to the 4 would not be the same. We could have had Taj develop into a defensive beast and down the line a better offensive mark and Tyrus showing him the athletic ways.

If we go get a max free agency Power Forward Taj's potential can be limited.

For this I say we have our eyes set out on Lebron James.

1. Lebron said he is changing his number for a reason, because he can't wear 23 in Chicago.
2. Derrick Rose will turn into that 25,10 player we are all dreaming of.

Why not do a sign n trade with Cleveland?

Give them Luol Deng because he wouldnt play the minutes he deserves.



Hows this lineup






The bulls seem to like having Hinrich around so I don't see his leadership role leaving. GS's front office doesn't really know what to do in this league so sign Morrow for fairly cheap.
It is Camby's last year on his contract and assuming his age he shouldn't cost too much to sign.
Get Telfair with the sign and trade with Cleveland.
Hopefully Asik comes back to play, if not Camby can be a backup to Noah.

Another option would be to trade to trade with Portland and get Rudy Fernandez and LaMarcus Aldridge, giving up Hinrich and something else?

If this doesn't work cut the team and make it like this






Either way The key this off season should be getting LEBRON JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If either of these teams were together it would be a dynasty!!!!!! Lebron would get his rings and D-Rose would be the best point guard in years. Noah is a future All-Star/Should be current all star. The bulls are leading the league in rebounds/game and blocks/game and that is mainly with Taj and Noah. Add Lebon, enough said.

Here's my ideas let me know what you think

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