Comparing Kobe to MJ is like comparing

The Bulls are playing well at the moment.  Of course, that is to be expected when you are playing the Knicks, T-wovles and the Sixers.  I suppose the debate will continue about whether getting rid of TT was a good move or not but I will leave that discussion for another place and another time.  Anyways, it's time for a little bit of fun. I got this idea from an analogy in one of the other posts which I got a chuckle out of where someone dared to mention Kobe in the same sentence as God aka MJ.  Sure, they both play basketball but the similarity ends there.  I suppose Kobe has nearly won the same amount of titles that MJ did but statistically speaking, they are not even close.  Kobe's best year in most offensive categories is still below what MJ averaged for his entire career in those same categories and MJ put these numbers up in an era where hand checking was allowed. 

Not surprisingly, here in Orange County, it seems as if you can't go anywhere without some nascent Laker fan proclaiming Kobe as the best player ever.  I find that in situations like these, analogies comes in handy.   Spouting off random numbers may make the average fanboy's head spin but an analogy, now that's something anyone can understand.  So below are some of the one's I have used before.  Maybe some of the creative minds out there can come up with better ones or we can turn this into a MJ vs Kobe debate.  After all,  all is good in Blogabull land, well at least until the next losing streak.

Comparing Kobe with MJ is like comparing:

Sizzler to Chop House

Jeanie Garafalo to Megan Fox

New Coke to Coke Classic

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace to Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

King Drive to Lake Shore Drive

Keynesian economics to Austrian School economics

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