money is leading the league, but who is gonna have the best free agent chances

1st of all I see a pecking order for the top 10 teams/markets to play in the NBA

1. lakers

2. celtics

3. new york (new york, new jersey)

4. chicago

5. texas (dallas, san antonio, houston)

6. florida (orlando, miami)

yeah you could throw in phoenix, detroit, atlanta, and maybe even portland

but as i see it these 1st set of areas draw and pay players and most have had some historical success

now off the top 10 here, the average that these teams is currently obligated is probably 80 million or more

miami chicago new jersey and houston being below the average currently...

some of these 10 will have space available after this season and others wont.

so of the teams that have room some are going to have a high market FA leaving or asking for a substantial contract

teams with room:new york, new jersey, miami, houston,chicago, and san antonio has a little

teams possibly losing key players: miami(wade, oneal, haslem) new york(harrington, lee) houston(tmac, scola,yao)

Now of the possible teams in the market of free agency this year about half of the league only  the five/six  above are really part of the bigger basketball markets.  The others are Cleveland, Utah, Portland, Phoenix, Oklahoma, LA clips, Sacramento, Minnesota


Cleveland, Utah, Phoenix, and portland if roy is a fa, all have key players that they will either be signing or lossing.

and the other teams on this short list are in small markets that would not be a free agents 1 or 2nd choice.


So my breakdown shows, that the new york/newjersey market having room and draw power as being a front runner. Chicago being the second best option, and miami and houston the next two choices, but new york, miami, and houston will have to deal with losses 1st and foremost.

Teams like cleveland, utah, and phoenix, and miami, will need to get back what they are going to loss or retain their players. 


Miami and Cleveland have the big timers but have plenty of space to throw a bucket full of money at their guys to retain them.  so i am not so sure that wade and lebron are moving, atleast one of them will likely remain at the team they are with now.


Talk of bosh, stoudamire, boozer, joe johnson, and about 5 or so good players has been the big topic as well as d-wade and lebron.


New Jersey:  has a probable 1 pick in the draft(john wall possibly) and a few decent players under contract/ devin harris, brooke lopez, courtney lee, and rookies terrence williams and chris douglas roberts, and only about 25 million dollars already obligated for next season. 

So I think best case scenario they get the 1 pick for about 5 mill a year and have 40-45 million to fill in the team with and probably the money to sign the best free agent on the market and potentially another top 15 free agent.


New York: I see the knicks having a 5-10 pick in the draft and having a 25 million dollar obligation for next season.  They need a lot of players to fill in the wholes and I could see them spending 60 million dollars or more in free agency.  They may lose some decent players to free agency but they will still throw a big amount to the right guys.


Chicago:  They are probably going to be a mid seed in the eastern conference so i dont think that they will have a high draft pick.  They do have Rose and Noah along with Deng and a few others under contract for next season but they are obligated to about 40 million dollars next year currently.

Being that they are a top 5 market and a mid seed playoff team they have some draw power to free agents.  I could see them spending about 35-45 million in free agency this offseason to gain the peices that will put them in contention to make a run in the eastern conference for the finals next year. 

I would love to see the bulls make a move b4 the trade deadline to obtain a peice to that puzzle b4 the free agency mayhem of the offseason begins. 

They have a few guys they could move..... Hinrich, Salmons, and Deng, but I would try and hold onto Deng of these 3

Of the rest of the teams in the free agency market, some have money to spend some have players they need to replace or resign, and all have smaller markets( money) to pull these giants fish in with.


I am optomistic for the bulls in this next 8 months or so to make some good moves but who really knows what GarPax is going to do....hopefully not let down the city of chicago which is a big supporter of its sports franchises and a city that loves its sports teams.


I feel that new york and new jersey will make big moves but I think that they at best will be low seed to mid seed playoff teams next year even with a stud free agent coming in and i predict new jersey to be better than new york next year even tho they are horrible this year.

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