Concerned whether we will able to sign the FA we would want..

so i looked up who all will be FA’s

Restricted – Rudy Gay

Early Termination Option – Dirk, Pierce, Amare, Yao

Player Option – Lebron, Wade, Bosh

Others – JoeJ, Boozer, David Lee, Ginobili, Camby, Ray Allen, Harrington

Our chances of signing these guys:

Lebron – no way right?

Wade – Very little chance….however some hope with his Chicag-affiliation and the way Miami did nothing at the Deadline

Bosh – Possible….but very unlikely right? Can’t see us being more attractive than Miami, NYK, LAC, and some other teams with money

Dirk – Not sure about his contract situation – it could be he’s definitely not terminating his contract……plus no way cuban lets him leave

That leaves me with the rest of the FA’s…..

Amare, JoeJ, Boozer, Ginobili, Pierce, Lee, Gay

Based on this list….it seems the most desirable acquisition to least would be:

Pierce – not sure he will terminate…or that he’d leave boston
Lee – inflated numbers in d’antoni
Gay – we don’t really want this guy right?? plus he doesn’t really fit the “character, honor, blah blah” type player the bulls target
Ginobili – injury history, age

based on those concerns…..aren’t amare, joe j, and boozer probably the highest-value players that we can realistically acquire?? (While i hope and pray mgmt will find a way to get wade, bosh, lebron….but def dont expect it)

Of amare, joe j, and boozer – amare is the player that i would most covet. However, having just had the “amare sweepstakes” this week…..and we didn’t acquire him… it really very likely that we acquire him in the offseason? I would lean towards no.

So that leaves joe j and boozer.

there have been topics about joe j and the concerns with signing him (related to his age and the typical decline in sg’s performance at his age range)

and boozer wouldn’t be a bad signing…..but i’m not sure….would we be real excited about that?

So ultimately – i realllllllllly hope we could somehow get one of the big one’s (lebron, wade, bosh) but it seems unlikely. It seems that we would get one of the second-tier free agents….which would be nice…..but not as impactful.

Am i missing anything with how i’m looking at this 2010 FA class and what we should do…..or in my guessing on what will ultimately happen??

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