Are Bulls more suited towards David Lee?

Just read me some Sam and found some David Lee quotes. 

"Chicago is a great city," Lee offered. "I grew up in St. Louis and used to come to watch MJ play when I was little, so I have good memories."

"We're in a tough situation waiting 'til the summer with a lot of guys on one-year deals," Lee agreed. "A lot of it (his free agency opportunities) is going to come down to what happens with LeBron, Wade and Bosh. The trickledown effect will be from there. There's about 17 teams with cap space planning to get one of those three guys. There's only three cities they can play in, maybe two if one goes with another. I'm excited where I am and want to finish out the year strong and see where the chips fall. I think (being an) All-Star changed the perceptions of a lot of things. All I can do is keep getting better and see what happens. Rose is an unbelievable guy. He's played the last month as well as anyone in the league. His ability to get to the rack and finish and make the other guys around him better makes him one of the best point guards in the league.

I'm not saying the Bulls can't or won't try to sign one or maaaybe two of the top three 2010's. But assuming the Cavs pull of this trade for STAT that has to make them the favorite to win the title over the Lakers.  The Lakers have been winning without Kobe but I don't think they're as good as last season and their bench has weakened. I think Trevor Ariza was huge for them in last summers playoffs and thats going to be hard to replicate. So why would Lebron leave a title team for the Knicks or Bulls? I just don't see Lebron leaving now. (If they make the trade) I also don't know if the Cavs are planing to resign STAT or what but still thats a scary team. 

Bosh. My feeling is he would love to be with Miami. As fun as it was to watch Derrick Rose playing with all those big free agents my gut tells me he'd like to be with Wade in South Beach. Those are the rumors I have been reading for awhile now and I could see that happening. 

So assuming Bosh, Wade and Lebron all take those routs that leaves the Bulls with Johnson and Lee as options and they look like Rose,Johnson,Deng, Lee,Noah. Thats the most realistic team I can think of right now. I'm not sure Johnson is even a lock but I get the feeling after watching the All Star game those might be the options for the Bulls. 

I guess the size of the egos on the court last night kinda made me realize how much they all need their own light to shine. I would love Bosh and Lebron/Wade to come here but I don't know if the egos would let that happen. I mean could the Bulls organization handle people like that? I'm not so sure. I realize Jordan and Pippen had big egos but that was a different time. 

I got the feeling that people like Derrick Rose but that he's just a shy unselfish basketball player who has little ego. Maybe thats the pg you wanna play with, I know I would. 

I mean I loved that nice outlet pass to Lebron James for a dunk and then in Lebron fashion he strutted back to the bench like I'm the man! As Derrick kinda followed him waiting for a response. Maybe that is just show and they celebrated on the bench but I just wonder if this is a David Lee kinda summer?

Can the Bulls organization handle the big egos? 

Or are they more suited to the quieter types like Lee or Johnson?(less drama queenish)

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