Rose wooing 2010 free agents at the All Star Game! (Picture Proof included!)

First off, thanks to everyone for loving my "request" to Gar yesterday. Like I said I've been on cloud 9 since, but man today's all star game was just off the chains. LOVED it. And of course, the D-Rose factor. SO glad he actually ended up playing. But hey...did you guys know, that D-Rose followed in Gar's footsteps yesterday and was workin' the 2010 class on his own today???? Yeah, true story here. And I have pictures to prove it.

Now some of you may have already known about this so that was one strike, but today Rose was on a roll. Here's kind of how it went down from my vantage point in the 400 level.


",000 people watchin' me on that big"


"Oh man...forgot, coach and Gar, like, told me to talk to some of these! what am i gonna say."


*Shooting around* "Um, cool, there's that Chris Bosh guy right next to me. Maybe I should go talk to him, he might be a good pick up this summer"

10 minutes later.....


"Ummmmmm...hey come play with us this summer?"

Bosh: "Yeah, we'll see kiddo. I mean my team is doing pretty good right now so I don't know, but we'll see. You never know." *Turns back to game*


"Maaannn...that didn't go too well....Gar and Pax are gonna kill me., think of something Pooh! Come on! Oh wait...who's that...."


"Hey, um, think you got what it takes?"

Joe starts cracking up. "Wassup Derrick! Yeah man I know what you're talking about, the agent told me all about it, I'm totally ready to go if your front office is. He knows your owner really well or something and told me he'd take care of all of this. Awesome man! Can't wait for next year!"


" man! Yeah! Now I can sit back and have fun, mission accomplished"

Horford sits alone at the end of the bench, seething in anger and disbelief as he watches Rose blatantly tampering with his current teammate. "I will get you for this, Derrick Rose, if it's the last thing I do," he thinks villainously.


"Aw, I forgot, I actually gotta play in this thing. Damn, I was hoping my injury could have just gotten me a nice front row seat to this...hey coach, ummmm...can I like, come in man, he's not even listening to me." Just then...


"Hey Derrick!"

Rose turns around off in the distance and sees Gar Foreman yelling at him.
"Aw, hey Gar, how you doin'."
"Forget that Derrick, we have a new strategy now. Some crazy fan yelled something at me yesterday, and then it actually set off a lightbulb in my head. I now know what we have to do. We have to go all out for LeBron now. Stop wasting your time with Joe Johnson!"
" was like, um, really excited to maybe play with me and--"
"Derrick! Forget it! Look, there's LeBron coming your way! Now go make me proud, son!"


"Aw's LeBron...umm...he'd be a really cool teammate. Man, this is gonna be hard."


"Umm....hey, LeBron...ummmmmmm.....I, uh.......yeah.....ummmm....."
"Oh hey, what's up D-Rose! How you been kid."
"Ummmmm....I uh, wanted to see if you like, uh.....wanted to come play with me next year........"
"Oh yeah, sure! I'd love to, at next year's all star game, and you know we got the Olympics coming up too, and..."
"No, um, actually I was talking about the Bulls."
"OH.....well....hmmm....." *LeBron mentally sighs, wondering when the circus will end.


"Kid, listen...2010 free agency is six months away...all I'll say is, I'm open to anything this summer. Sure."
"Aw thanks LeBron, that's like, really cool."
"And because I like you so much kid, I want you to come to the Sunday night party I'm throwing with Jay-Z!"
"Oh wowwwwww...umm....well, I turned 21 so I think I'm Ok..."
* LeBron laughs* "I love this kid."


"Alright my fellow noobs....let's go get 'em--oh wait, ummmm....I forgot Dwayne Wade! He's tying his ummmmm....maybe I can impress him with my play on the court........."

And so on. The purely hypothetical scouting adventures of Derrick Rose, ladies and gentlemen. All pictures taken by yours truly. My twitter feed (where I have also posted these pictures) is at illegaloffense.

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