I am at the All-Star Game and just made a statement to Bulls management.

Yes, as you probably know, I anorexorcist, followed in yfbb's footsteps to the ASG this weekend. While I didn't have the access and creds and perks that our fearless leader did, I did get to grab a really amazing close seat at the Center Court today at the Jam Session. While waiting around there, in between the D League All Star Game and HORSE, around 4PM today, an opportunity presented itself, unebelievably, for me to make a statement to Bulls management.

Gar Foreman walked right before me, and was working his magic courtside. He was schmoozing and charming all in sight. He was checking his phone about every two minutes, texting away. I could tell that there had to be some serious trade talks going on right before.

And then, my heart started pounding, and I knew what I had to do.

I patiently waited to let Gar finish his thing, and then once he turned towards his family and started to walk away, I yelled out "HEY GAR!!!"

Kind of surprised, he turned and found me standing a few feet away in the stands, and I followed up with...




Then I gave him a thumbs up.

For a second he was kind of shocked, then he gave a little chuckle and moved on. His wife though loved it, she had a big smile on her face and was cracking up.

But yeah, mission accomplished. I had gotten sick and tired of hearing about Joe Johnson, and I wanted to reiterate to Gar what our priority should be this summer, and hopefully he got the message.

My all-star weekend was complete.

I'll post some followup to yfbb's undoubtedly more complete coverage, but I wanted to throw that there in that I got to one up him at least on a Bulls related end. Muahahahah....

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