A Cabin Fever Vision (Long Read...)

As I've sat in the house for 4 of the last 6 days being snowed in, I've looked over a lot of trade rumor info, thought about any of The Bulls possibilities.  And I think I came up with a good one after digging my car out today.  This is probably going to end up being pretty long.  It goes through basically what I would do as GM for the Bulls. 

TRADE DEADLINE DEALS:  I'm hoping that we can get Hinrich, Salmons, and Thomas out for some useable pieces for now and valuable assets for this offseason.  I don't think it will be anything flashy to be honest with u, and I had two options that popped to mind, but I settled on this one.

1st: We trade John Salmons and a 2nd rounder/future 1st to Memphis for Steven Hunter and their 1st round pick and the 1st round pick they got from Denver.

Now, I'm not sure how the picks work on the Salary Cap, but I figured that they took up whatever it got paid on the rookie scale and this fits.  The Grizz are looking for some veteran reinforcements for the stretch run.   And have been looking at guys like CDR and Dorell Wright, y couldn't we slide Salmons in there.  I know it gets nothing back for this year but it shaves at least 3 mil off our book for the summer.  And gives an added resource to go into the summer with in those draft picks.  I know ur saying Salmons isn't worth a #1, let alone 2, but the Grizz already have a lot of young talent and they will need to pay them pretty soon.

2nd: We trade Kirk and Pargo to the Lakers for Jordan Farmar, Adam Morrison, and Sasha Vujacic.

This trade clears up another almost 8 mil off the Cap for us, and we get a servicable back up to Rose in Farmar, and if he actually still wants to play a nice shooting 2 off the bench in Vujacic. The Lakers get a PG that can play D, and get out of Kobe's way.

3rd:  We trade Tyrus and Jerome James to San Antonio for Roger Mason, Matt Bonner, and their 1st round pick.

We get rid of Tyrus(to a team in the West, so just in case he blows up, we don't have to see him that often), and get a SG that stretch the D in Mason, A mini-Miller in Bonner, and another 1st rd pick, just building assets.  Best part ALL EXPIRING!!  Spurs get the athletic big they've been dying for.

Leaves us with this rotation for rest of year:

PG D. Rose / Farmar

SG Mason / Brown / Vujacic

SF Deng  / Brown / Johnson / Morrison

PF Gibson / Bonner

C  Noah / Miller

I think that lineup doesn't look much worse talent wise than what we started with, and it may fit our offense better.  Let's say the guys jell quickly like last year and we end up the 6th or 7th seed.  Take another tough 1st round playoff loss and we're home watching...

THE DRAFT:  Because of some nice dealing we go into the draft with 4 1st rounders somewhere in the range of #12 (Mem trade), #17 (ours), #21 (SA trade), and #27 (Mem trade).  I would package #12 and 21 to some team in the top 10 that is definitely rebuilding, Washington and Detroit, were the 1st that came to mind.  Once there I would look for Greg Monroe, he's your Chris Bosh just fresh out the box and without the seasoning.  He shoots, handles the ball, and passes better already though.  With our pick I look for James Anderson from Okla St. or hope Xavier Henry from Kansas slips.  Both are big 2's that shoot lights out.  With that last pick, I think I'd like to package it with James Johnson to get a nice young proven SF to back up Deng, but if I have to pick, I go after Grevis Vasquez, plays good D is long and athletic enough to guard both Guard spots, think a taller Hinrich.

FREE AGENCY:  Check this out, the roster we end up with up leaves us with a payroll of  about 63 mil, and we will have almost 32 mil coming off the books.  Even if the Cap goes down like predicted to around 65 mil, we have 34 mil to play with before the Cap.  And r staring at this team after the draft:

PG D. Rose /  Vasquez

SG  Henry / Vujacic

SF Deng / Johnson

PF Gibson /  Monroe

C Noah / ?

My belief is that none of the Big 3 FA in this class r going anywhere.  Bosh stays in Canada, Bron stays in Cleveland, and DWade stays in Miami, along with STAT or Boozer.  We go get Joe Johnson at around 16 mil and go snag David Lee for 10.  Leaving us with 8 mil under the cap and the MLE.  Once the well starts running low for the 2nd tier FA's we resign Jordan Farmar for 2 mil and see if Miller wants to stay on for 3 mil or sign Camby with the MLE.

Now look at the squad u have assembled for the 2010 season, without breaking the bank or losing big this season

PG Rose / Farmar / Vasquez

SG JJ / Henry / Vujacic

SF Deng / Johnson

PF Lee / Gibson / Monroe

C Noah / Camby


Alright, I'm done time to get my beer off the back deck...

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