Move over East: There is a new Big Three


The East has to watch out for a new Big Three; Derrick Rose, Carlos Boozer, and Joakim Noah. The Chicago Bulls all star trio is one of the most talented and versatile combinations in the East and the NBA. Derrick Rose is arguably the best point guard in the league averaging 24.9 ppg 8.2 apg, and 4.3rpg, and is having an MVP season. Joakim Noah is averaging 14.9ppg and 12.2rpg and should get a sponsorship from Windex for all the glass he cleans. Very few teams in the East have an answer for Carlos Boozer who seems to have found his niche on the Bulls quicker than expected. This was evident when Boozer led the Bulls to a victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder with his 29 point 12 rebound double double on Monday 12/6/10.  


Rose, Boozer, and Noah are potentially the most talented big 3 in the East because they complement each other so well. Rose is obviously an incredible scorer, but now Boozer can take some of that pressure to score off Derrick, as well as run a gorgeous pick and roll with him.  This benefits the Bulls because Derrick will be fresher later in the season. Carlos Boozer also brings the low post scoring option and mid-range jump shooting the Bulls have been lacking. Boozer can get the ball in the post and go to work, or pull up from 18 and rain. Noah brings more to the table then just statistics and rebounds. Joakim is the most intense player in the league. Joakim oozes energy which his teammates feed off. This season Joakim has added offense to his arsenal increasing his points per game by 4.2 from last year. Noah has been balanced on offense; getting tip ins, driving, and shooting his "tornado" jump shot.  


The Bulls are currently 3rd in the league in rebounding, and with Boozer and Noah both healthy I expect them to be the best rebounding team in the NBA.  Rose, Boozer, and Noah are one of the most talented trios in the league. This Bulls roster can match up with any starting five in the NBA, and have the talent to go very deep into the playoffs.

[Now, for Max's power rankings! initially a separate post, but..really.... -ed.]

Our Chicago Bulls are still at the outer edge of the top ten. It will be very interesting to see how well the Bulls stack up against the Celtics, Heat, and Magic when they are healthy and clicking. This Bulls team could make a deep post season push this year.

1. Boston Celtics 16-4 (3) – The fantastic four are rolling over everyone.

2. San Antonio Spurs 17-3 (2) – Another old team on top, can they stay healthy?

3. L.A. Lakers 14-6 (1) – Have hit a slump, but are still the clear title favorites.

4. Dallas Mavericks 16-4 (10) – The Mavs are the 4th best defense in the NBA???

5. Miami Heat 14-8 (5) – The Heat are starting to gel, and the wins are piling up.

6. Orlando Magic 15-6 (6) – Orlando looks hungry.

7. Utah Jazz 16-6 (8) – The theme song for Jerry Sloan’s life "All I do is Win Win Win no matter what"

8. Chicago Bulls 11-8 (9) – Derrick Rose, Carlos Boozer, Jaokim Noah – The new Big 3

9. Oklahoma City Thunder 14-8 (7) – Russell Westbrook might be playing the best basketball this year for OKC

10. Atlanta Hawks 14-8 (12) – Joe Johnson being out will hurt them.

11. Denver Nuggets 13-6 (13)

12. New York Knicks 13-9 (18)

13. New Orleans Hornets 13-7 (4)

14. Portland Trailblazers 9-11 (11)

15. Phoenix Suns 11-9 (15)

16. Indiana Pacers 10-9 (17)

17. Milwaukee Bucks 7-13 (16)

18. Golden State Warriors 8-12 (14)

19. Houston Rockets 7-13 (26)

20. Memphis Grizzlies 8-14 (21)

21. Charlotte Bobcats 7-13 (22)

22. Washington Wizards 6-13 (25)

23. Minnesota Timberwolves 5-16 (28)

24. Cleveland Cavaliers 7-13 (19)

25. Toronto Raptors 8-13 (24)

26. Philadelphia 76ers 6-14 (29)

27. Detroit Pistons 7-14 (23)

28. New Jersey Nets 6-15 (20)

29. L.A. Clippers 5-17 (30)

30. Sacramento Kings 4-15 (28)


Max G. Mickey


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