Where There's Smoke, It's Gotta Be Some Fire, Right?

Spurred on by these two fanshots : Bulls one of the "most active" teams in trade talks & It's Tech N9ne.. he's back .  I have gone back to drawing board.


It's plainly obvious to me that the team needs another option for that 3rd/4th scorer, because basically without Noah we're not getting the scoring out of the 1st team that we need.  Since Deng tends to disappear from time to time, we're left without a reliable option to fill in, since Noah is not here to get us the offensive putbacks off the boards.  I keep seeing box scores where Booz and DRose have high 20's in scoring then our next highest scorer is like low teen's.  That can't happen if we want to be a contender.

Unless, we're getting a quality big back, I don't think we include Taj in any deals.  So how do we get our mythical
SG who can shoot and defend?

Trade 1:

Nuggets Get:  PF Andray Blatche from WAS, James Johnson from CHI and 1st Round Pick from CHI

Wizards Get: SG Keith Bogans and PG/SG CJ Watson from CHI

Bulls Get: SG JR Smith and PG Anthony Carter from DEN, and 2nd Round Pick from WAS

Looks like the Wizards are having problems with Blatche and this wouldn't be the 1st time Blatche has had a run-in with the organization.  The Wiz just picked up Rashard Lewis who is basically the same player.  They get two solid options off the bench to back up their young guards Wall and Young.  Denver gets a young big, who despite the troubles is able of playing in this league and putting up double-doubles, as seen from his production after the Wizards' broke up their Big 3 last year.  Plus, they get insurance for when they dump Carmelo in JJ and a 1st round pick.  The Bulls get JR Smith who should be able to step right in and provide the scoring shot we need injected into the 1st team, and a steady backup PG in Carter to run the 2nd unit. 


Trade 2:

Bobcats Get: SG Ronnie Brewer, SG Keith Bogans, PG CJ Watson, and PF Brian Scalbrine from CHI

Bulls Get: SG Stephen Jackson, C Kwame Brown, SF Dominic McGuire, and F Derrick Brown from CHA

In all honesty, I would do this trade in a second.  I don't really know why the Bobcats would make a deal like this, other than to get out from under Jax's 8 mil for the next 3 years.  I wouldn't send any draft pick considerations back, maybe a 2nd, but no 1st.  We'd be giving away a lot of our depth, but in McGuire and Brown we get 2 forwards who are athletically gifted enough to play some minutes and play well defensively.  McGuire, specifically, can defend 3 positions pretty effectively.  And it would allow us to still dangle JJ and a pick for a nice backup PG.  Jax takes over as our starting SG, and Kwame gives us another semi-serviceable big off the bench.  If nothing else he'll be another 6 fouls when playing against ORL, BOS, and LA.


Trade 3:

Grizz Get: PF Andray Blatche from WAS, PF Brian Scalabrine from CHI and 1st Round Pick from CHI (CHA)

Wizards Get: SG Keith Bogans and SF James Johnson from CHI, PF Darrell Arthur from MEM

Bulls Get: SG OJ Mayo from MEM, and PF/C Hilton Armstrong from WAS

The Grizz won't give up Mayo without a young big in return, we don't want to give up Taj.  This way we both can get what we want.

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