2010-11 Game Preview #29: Bulls at Detroit Pistons

[Thanks to Belize for today's game preview. Early game, 5pm on CSNChicago -ed.]

Back to Back retro night folks. Bulls vs Knicks happened on Xmas and seriously - this feels like  a double-dosed/deja-vu week from hell. From hating how the Knicks are back to being our rivals to missing out on the 11's again, this has been such a crappy week the only thing that will make me feel better is a good ol' brawl(a) or a good-ass trade. Since that isn't gonna happen anytime soon, just watch this until you feel good.

Jokes aside tonight's game is a big one, which might be an oxymoron of some sorts since almost all the players on the Pisstons are shorter than T-Mac. Although this should technically be called a "gimme game", with Noah out and the fact that I'm still not used to the Bulls winning against inferior teams, I'm sure tonight is going to be interesting to say the least. Oh, did I mention that we really need this win to keep our 3rd spot in the East. Personally, I really need this win as a fan, since losing to the Knicks on Xmas day left me standing/quivering with fury and stammering  on my couch looking for a reason to still love this team. And yes, I still love this team. Everything's good under the hood.

On to the game...

Pisstons are coming off a 2 game win streak and have been tweaking their lineup a lot lately. T-Mac looks better than expected (and he's handing the bench role even better), Rip is coming off the bench pretty good lately and BG is still too short. Look out for Detroit to take advantage of our 2 spot (b) and I also expect some big blocks from Asik (I don't know why, but I'm ridin‘ with that theory). This should really be a game that both Rose and Deng dominate in, but again coming off a huge back to back game on Xmas plus with Noah out - who knows? 

Game starts at 6ET. You can either blog with us or against us..either way its going down, down baby.  

#Go Bulls(c)


(a) That Thomas pick on Turiaf was good for the soul though but those Cool Greys would have made it glow.. *sigh*

(b) You know, cuz Bogans blows

(c) btw, If Pip says Rodman is HOF material, then Dennis Rodman needs to be in the Hall Of Fame - period.

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