A transitive time in Chicago basketball history.

I have a younger brother who is as big a buckets fan as I am. He loves the game. A few weeks ago we were talking about the My Player game mode in NBA 2k11 and how we molded our signature games. I went with a mainly Michael Jordan set, being born in 86 and barely being old enough to remember 5/6 of the rings they won. He molded his player after mainly modern players, with Derrick Rose being the centerpiece around which he built his game.

It kinda got me thinking...

This is truly a transitive time in Chicago basketball, and I hope we are all enjoying it to the fullest. When Kobe first started being Kobe I really enjoyed his game because it was (and is) so much like Mike's game. I know a lot of people don't like him and don't like comparing him to Jordan, which is fine I get that, but I really hope those people at least enjoy that game.

I do because I remember that game. I look at it and recognize it. I see all the machinations, all the little things he does and there are a lot of things that just remind me of EmJeff. I cherish his game because in a way it takes me back to another time, another place. It reminds me of being young and just plain enjoying basketball.

So here we are, with another athlete that is no doubt doing the same thing.

Enjoy it. I know Keith Bogans is starting and it's maddening. I know injuries hurt your Bulls heart and the thought of trying to overcome the mountain range of the Eastern Conference that only seems to add more obstacles can be daunting, but enjoy this.

Derrick Rose is inspiring a whole generation of both basketball fans and basketball players. Right now it may only be in this city but soon enough the whole nation (and certain parts of the world) will be fully exposed to his game.

To our game. Rose's game is Chicago. It is the south side. It's a no holds barred, no fouls unless you show me an exit wound and I'm taking this to the rack on all five o y'all type of game.

And it's unique to him and the south side of Chicago. For now.

Because you see, just like Kobe and others emulate Jordan, people are going to start emulating Rose. I believe it fully. We've never seen this type of game in the NBA really.

Years from now I have no doubt that I'll be sitting in front of a TV, watching some young phenom and thinking to myself, "I remember that game."

Enjoy it Bulls fans, because it's going to be glorious.

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