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Last April I did a post on this prototype of a graphing app I had created (thanks again for the feedback).  Since then I’ve been working to build a site around the concept and here it is,  This site provides the capability to make a graph and then share it through either embedding or a link.  

Last April, the prototype had only Bulls stats, but this new site has all stats from this year and last year and is updated on a daily basis, so if someone creates a graph, that graph is automatically updated throughout the year.  For instance, the graph I’ve embedded below is Derrick Rose’s 3pt%, illustrating what we’ve all seen this season, a legit 3pt shot and seemingly game by game improvements in his ability to make it.  If you come back to this post tomorrow morning the graph will show the results of the Indiana game (please rise higher, 3pt %).  

The graph works on a rolling average.  So each data point in the graph will represent what Rose has done over a 10 game period prior to that data point.  And that’s what constructs the line.  The rolling average is set at 10 games,  but you can adjust that in the expanded panel (click more >>>>), and by doing so you can easily find the best 5 game stretch or if you prefer the best 3 game or 15 game stretch that the player has had this season.  

There are plenty of features built into the display, for instance it is also easy to construct before/after splits by using the cursor and clicking when you hover over the horizontal bar at the bottom.  Click around, you’ll find others.

When you go to you can choose multiple players and stats and also include some timeline events like trades and injures to help you make your point (if you are trying to make a point).  As examples I’ve created some graphs here.

Bulls Rebounders
Bulls Rebounders TRB%
Bulls SG Mins
Chicago’s turnovers
Noah’s Injury Chicago Defense 2009

It definitely doesn’t replace other basketball statistics site like but my hope is that it augments the nba stat-o-sphere and allows you to view the intra-season ups and downs of the players and teams in a new way.  Or at the very least its fun to play with and a good time waster.


(I apologize if you encounter bugs/errors.  I only tested on firefox and chrome.  Because I think y'all are smart enough to not use Internet Explorer. )

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