(Update with Trade Machine Awesomeness) Iguodala: The Best - and Only - Trade the Bulls Need to Make; And It Should Happen on Wednesday

(Updates at the bottom)

I've mentioned the following trade a few times already in various threads, but with a) Thibs still starting Bogans and b) December 15th approaching quickly, I wanted to throw it up one more time. Following, is the trade. After the jump, is the explanation. Add your own trade proposals or tell me why mine sucks.

Bulls trade away: Ronnie Brewer, Kyle Korver, James Johnson, Bobcats' first round pick, $3 million ($11.5 outgoing salary)
Bulls trade for: Andre Iguodala ($12,345,250 incoming salary), TeamC's first round pick.

Philly trades away: Andre Iguodala (outgoing $12,345,250)
Philly trades for: Kyle Korver, Player X, $3 million, Bulls 2011 first round pick (incoming salary must be between $9,876,200 & %15,431,562)

TeamC trades away: Player X (2011 first round pick)
TeamC trades for: Ronnie Brewer

Before I get into the things about TeamC and Player X, I will acknowledge that I know that those things the Bulls give up are of far more value than Iguodala. That is, in a vacuum, or in a Profit Championship. Luckily, the Bulls aren't - or shouldn't be - playing for a Profit Championship, and they don't work in a vacuum. The non-players are easily changeable, however. Here's the team for this year.

Rose - Watson
Iguodala - Watson - Bogans
Deng - Iguodala
Boozer - Gibson - Thomas
Noah - Asik - Thomas

The team suffers from 3-pt shooting, certainly. It doesn't have a typical, do-nothing PG. And it doesn't have a lot of depth if Boozer goes down again and they want to give Deng 10 mpg at PF. But that's this year. Next year, if exceptions remained the same, they could use the MLE, BAE and/or veteran exceptions to get those positions. Or they could simply buy a draft pick or two in the first or second and go that route. But this starting team is as balanced and powerful as it probably comes. Deng is your fourth best scoring option. Say what you want about him, but that's effin' great.

I don't know what Philly could get better for Iggy. a sharp-shooter, an expiring contract (see below), one or two first round picks?

About the specifics: I would start with offering less than that. Not $3 million, not giving up at least one of the picks, etc., but I would definitely go to this much to get Iguodala and not give up starters, Gibson or Asik.
TeamC would be a team that wouldn't mind getting a late first round pick and Ronnie Brewer for an expiring contract. Player X would be an expiring or two-year contract player between $4.8 million and $10 million.

Possibilities for TeamC and Player X:
Boston - Jermaine O'Neal, or Marquis Daniels+Nate Robinson
Miami - James Jones+Juwan+Stackhouse+yada,yada, yada (luckily, they don't match up well
Orlando - Pietrus (Brewer is better, even if only by a little)
Atlanta - Maurice Evans+Jason Collins+whatever
New Orleans - Willie Green+Mbenga (Brewer would be very, very interesting with Paul... and if we can keep Paul in N.O. instead of going to NYK with Amar'e, so much the better)
Dallas - DeShawn Stevenson+Alexis Aijinca (can the Bulls somehow get back Dominique Jones and/or Ian Mahinmi - I mean, they sent D.J. to the D-League)
Phoenix - Grant Hill+Earl Clark (I'd do it, but I don't know if Phoenix would)
Lakers - SASHA!!!,
Pacers - Posey, Others to combine
Portland - Not sure since they've already made trades an the sites aren't updated. Probably don't need an athletic wing since they have Matthews, Roy, Babbitt, Johnson, Batum, Fernandez, etc. Maybe they'd take Brewer and a future first for Fernandez and someone else???

Lakers would probably be the most likely. Vujacic is worthless to them and he's an expiring contract. And they aren't playing hot right now. I'd try to get a pick from them, in fact, or someone else. In that case, Philly would save roughly $44 million (contracts plus cash) while getting another project at SF and a first round pick.

Bulls send out Korver, Brewer, Johnson, Charlotte's pick, all to Philly
76ers send over Iguodala.

What about getting some depth back
Bulls send Korver, Johnson, Charlotte pick to Philly, AND Brewer, next year's first to Miami
Philly sends Iggy to Chicago
Miami sends crap (House, Howard, Magloire, Pittman) to Philly, AND James Jones to Chicago.
(Heat still have Igauskas, Dampier and Anthony until Haslem is back, and MIller was shooting around and looking good the other day - they could start Miller and Ilgauskas with the Three, then bring Anthony, Haslem, Arroyo/Chalmers and Brewer off the bench)
Jones isn't great, but he's a good 3-pt shooter. Giving the Bulls depth that everyone is worried about


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