So how ya like me now?

So here we are a good fourth of the way into the season.  Coming into this season we've had many questions about our team and thus far we've had plenty of them answered.  Can Rose really become an MVP candidate?  How well will Boozer fit with Rose?  Was not trading Noah the right move? (Yes, even I know the answer to that one.)  But now that we've seen a good week or two of our full roster, which is obviously still not working to its full potential for more reasons than one, it's time to ask how our new coach has performed so far.

As Juiceboxjerry suggested, it'd be interesting to take a poll of the fans and see what everyone thinks of Thibodeau's coaching to this point.  Obviously we do have to take in mind that he did have to go a month without Boozer, that he's a rookie coach, etc.  But considering all those things, how has he met your expectations? 

Personally for me, Thibodeau was the guy I wanted from Day 1 when we got the Derrick Rose lottery ball so when we finally inked him this summer, I was definitely pumped.  He's clearly had his up's and down's as the season began and I've been defending him all this time but I think with this recent Bogans as a starter issue, even I'm starting to lose my patience.  It's been embarrassing when even the idiots on ESPN watching one game can see the obvious flaws of having Bogans out there in the starting lineup.  During the Lakers game last night it really got on my nerves.  Jeff Van Gundy, and yes I know he says the dumbest things from time to time but the man clearly knows his basketball from his days as a head coach, was basically pointing out everything we've been begging for here at BaB.  There was the obvious Bogans playing with the starting unit and not being able to hit anything at all.  Then there was the puzzling Boozer/Noah at the top of the key sets.  JVG must have said post Boozer up at least 10+ times during the broadcast and sure enough once we started posting Boozer up, the game swung in our favor.

Oh yeah and one more thing that made me lose faith in Thibs was when he gave in to the Boston crowd and put in Scalabrine during that blowout loss.

Anyways done with my rant, here's my pros/cons list for Thibs so far:


-Defense has been superb for the most part. 

-Rose's development (although I'm not sure how much of that is Thibs)

-Deng actually taking 3's

-Team seems to never quit when down.

-He's better than that clown Del Negro


-Starting Bogans

-Playing Scal (although he seems to have backed off from that one)

-Minutes/Rotation management

-John Lucas debacle

-Weird offensive sets

-Slow starts to games looking almost unprepared at times



Well that's what I got off the top of my head.  Feel free to add more in the comments.

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