How our bench players should be used

Like all of you, I have been very disappointed with the bench play so far. But I am not chalking it up to bad players, I just think they're for the most part being misused. The coaching staff I think really needs to learn "how their players work", if you will. In my opinion...

Gibson: with the return of Boozer, he should be our sixth man. He's done a great job for us so far, and it will help immensely to have him come off the bench.

Asik: shouldn't get "6th man minutes" but should still get some quality time. He's developing, but unlike a lot of developing players, he is giving us production during the process. This is probably due to the fact that we don't have to start him since we have Noah. I see him as a cross between Joakim Noah and a poor-man's-version-of-the-Skiles-Eddy-Curry. An athletic energy big who goes all-out of defense and rebounding and also isn't completely awful back to the basket, and has some power moves down low as well.

Bogans: I'd say he shouldn't be starting, but I still like him as a player. If we get the opportunity in a blow-out game, or in practice, i'd like to see him play a little point and see how he does. If he isn't awful, that could really open things up for us in terms of versatility. Bogans as a back-up one, Watson as a back-up two, and Korver at the three would be really nice imo. As it stands, he is a 2. If he can't run the team for limited periods of time, I do still like what he brings. I get the theory in starting him: 3-and-D. Only problem is he's only a slightly above average defender andan average 3-point shooter. He can do both things, but he's a specialist at neither. I'd put him on the bench and bring him in when we really need some defense. He isn't a bad offensive player and he won't kill our "defensive unit" which struggles to score at times. He's a tremendous rebounding guard and he gives 100% effort, as you saw when he dove on the floor and got a time-out against Boston. He has a short memory and is willing to take an open three if he missed his last, but he's not forcing the issue. He could definitely get some playing time when Rose or Brewer (i'll get to that) come out of the game, as that is when we need defense most. I see him as the 2nd gaurd off the bench (I'll get to that, I like Korver as an SF), andI think he could play well with any of Rose, Korver, or Watson.

Brewer: I think Brewer should be moved into the starting lineup. If the Boston game was any indication, his injury is mostly behind him. He played athletically and played excellent defense. For all the took of his lack of jump shot, I think it should be talk of a lack of 3-point jump shot. He has hit the mid-range shot consistently, even able to hit the tough in-rhythm-but-not-set type of jumper. He's extremely long, reminding me of a ganglier Deng in 2-guard form, and that is certainly something we need as he can disrupt the passing lanes, and he plays smart.

Johnson: I don't think Johnson should be a regular rotation player, but I don't think he's garbage time either. And i'm not talking about matchups, i'm talking about game situations. Johnson showed where his value is in the Detroit game. He is a good rebounder and defender and when put in the right situation, he's a very good energy player. He should be played when the Bulls are lacking energy or the momentum seems to be getting out of hand. Put him in to give them a boost, just like he did in the Detroit game. This doesn't have to happen every game, but that seems to be a strength of Johnson's, so let's use him for it. He is also a good ball handler andcould be used as a point forward when Watson is in the game, as Watson is at his best when he's playing without the ball, similar to how the Cavaliers played with LeBron James and Mo Williams the last few years.

Korver: I think Korver should be our SF off the bench. Earlier, I mentioned starting Brewer. I think that sets up some possibilities. If the team starts out poor offensivley, remove Deng and play Korver. Korver should be getting plenty of minutes, as our best long range shooter. This is again why startig Brewer makes sense. What you give up in Korver defensivley (andit's not as much as people make it out to be) you'll make up for withBrewer who can defend either the 2 or the 3. Put him on the better offensive player.

Scalabrine: Scalabrine should not be getting daily minutes in every 2nd quarter. Scalabrine has two skills that i've seen so far: he's a decent passer and a good long range shooter. Imo, he should be played only against bigs who are notoriously bad at gaurding the perimeter. He can be used to stretch the floor and hit open jumpers in that situation.

Thomas: He should be used in a similar manner as Scalabrine, but get more minutes andin more situations as he has more skill. Thomas is a good defender who can defend the post, block shots, steal the ball, and rebound. He can also hit the 15-20 foot jump shot consistently. Basically, think of him as an older, little-bit-lesser version of Gibson. That's what he is, and he doesn't need to be played all game, but he should get more burn than he's getting. I think of him as a guy who comes in when our bigs are in foul trouble. He won't hurt us and he'll play well while he's in the game. We won't be itching for him to come out and we won't have to rush getting our foul plagued players back in the game.

Watson: Watson isn't the best as a stereotypical point guard but for what he is and what we're paying him I think people are being way to hard on CJ. CJ is a good offensive player. He is a streaky jump shooter but he is fast and he can finish at the rim. He also does seem to be getting better at running our team, at least he did in the Boston game. He isn't awful as a backup point gaurd, he just doesn't play the style of Derrick Rose. The way i'd use Watson is to let him spel Rose like he has been (he does seem to be getting better at it), albeit in smaller stretches. For part of that time I may give Johnson a little burn, as he is a good ball handler and could play a little point forward. Also, as I said i'd like Korver to be our 3 off the bench, I would really like to see Watson as our 2. I think he could do very well playig with Rose as our 2nd string SG. There will be games where he just doesn't have it, as he is a streaky player, or he just can't defend, and thats what Bogans would be for.

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