Why the Chicago Bulls are "bad"

This is my first fanpost here, so i'll try to make it a good one.

Everybody, myself included, is enraged by the play this season of the Bulls. We are seeing an increase of lottery team errors and turnovers and tipped passes. I thought i'd do my best to congregate all the reasons the Bulls just keep losing, and why theres hope, if only a glimmer.

I don't know if the Bulls are bad, hence the quotes in the title. They could win 25 games, they could win 37 games, they could win 46 games, or they could win 48 games. I don't know. But what I do know is following the summer of 2010, we should be title contenders. To have an outside chance at the title, you need to be able to win the east. The Bulls have a roster talented enough to at least challenge for that. Right now however, they are playing some of the worst ball in the NBA.

1. Tipped passes. Turnovers as a whole are a big issue this year, but watching the games it seems like the vast majority of the turnovers come because the opponents are stealing the ball off of Bulls passes.

2. Fouls. I don't know if the NBA is fixed. I'd like to think it's not, but i'd be lying if I said the thought doesn't cross my mind from time to time. Even if it is, i'd figure that would work in the Bulls favor being in a huge market, but for whatever reason, and it could just be the homer in me, it seems the Bulls are playing 5-on-8 every game. The Bulls have yet to shoot more free throws than an opponent this year if im not mistaking, and there are constantly block/charge calls and other offensive fouls going against the Bulls late, and plenty of no calls for the opponent.

3. Threes. There are three areas inparticular of basketball that seem to lead to momentum. Threes, flashy dunks, and flashy blocks. One of these happens to be a glaring weakness of the Bulls. Derrick Rose is phenominal, that we can all agree on. And he did improve his three point shooting. He improved it from bad to average. The Bulls, with the exception of Kyle Korver and depending on the game Watson and Deng, simply cannot shoot threes. This makes it extremley difficult for Rose to put us on his back when we're down. Even when Rose takes over and dominates offensively, we so in the Knicks game there's only so much he can do when he's trading two for three. Teams know that the three-ball is our weakness, and they know that when they shoot two threes, it will take us three posessions to make up those points.

4. Lack of offensive weapons. When the Bulls best offensive lineup (in my opinion) is on the floor (Rose, Korver, Deng, Gibson, Noah), the other team's strategy is simple. Double team both Rose and Korver. Don't let Rose drive and don't let Korver recieve a pass. Even if they aren't quick enough to recover should another player get the ball, that player will most likely miss anyway. This a glaring hole. Bogans, Watson, and Deng were all supposed to be good offensive players for us this year but so far it hasn't been the case, save for the excellent 40 point showing from Deng.

5. Thibs. Tom has not been a very good coach so far. Vinny was better. The Bulls, while still making runs to come back in games, look frustrated and more "i'm helpless" than they did under Vinny. There was no excuse for not playing Rose, Deng, and Noah agains the Knicks late, and he really needs to figure out a rotation. 12 guys don't play every day. Everybody is there for a reason, and the guys who don't play will have their roles (ex play Scalabrine against PFs who are notoriously bad at defending perimeter shooters, play Johnson when they're down late and showing lack of energy, etc.), but for the team to show any kind of consistancy, they need to know what everybody's role is and who's coming in when and who's in charge of what. It's just like in baseball when manager's try to go bullpen-by-comittee or shuffle guys around in the lineup. Teams function much better when roles are assigned. Without roles they aren't a team, they are just 12 individuals.

6. Defense. It needs to be stepped up, plain and simple. There have been way to many dunks and layups, and now it seems guys are pressing. It's not for lack of effort, but it's still happening.

7. Can't play against the zone. Other teams are playing a zone, and sometimes a rather loose man-to-man against us. When Rose drives, the PF and C congregate in front of him and it's being called and offensive foul when he makes contact. Teams also seem to be able to read the Bulls' sets, and the other players seem to congragate in the passing lane of whoever Rose wants to pass to. He needs some way of not being surrounded by a zone-shaped cocoon of defenders whenever he drives.

8. Not really something wrong with the team, but STOP BLAMING ROSE. He's the reason we even have 2 wins. He and Noah are the least of our problems.

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