You Want Mayo With That?

I know it's a dumb pun, but.. If we could get OJ Mayo, without destroying any of our core, would you do it?...  I've always been a fan of the trade Memphis for Xavier/Mayo plan.  It just seemed like the most efficient AND rewarding move.  Fernandez doesn't measure up to these two, sorry. 

So with Rudy Gay signing his contract,  Mike Conley signing his contract, and the addition of Grevis Vasquez, Xavier Henry, and Tony Allen that looks to leave OJ Mayo as the odd man out in the Grizzlies' mini trifecta.  Obivously, Gay is the centerpiece, They see Conley as a steady point, and I think resigning Baby Gasol is a given.  That leaves Z-Bo and Mayo.  And they have THREE NEWLY SIGNED replacements for Mayo. 

I almost think Gar Paxsdorf is thinking something around these lines, but then I think naw, I'm a halfway inebriated fan brainstorming on what could be.  But follow me for a second

So Booz doesn't come back until around mid Nov. at best, right?  And say until then we continue on the same flight path, except Deng stepping up more like the other night.  Not 40, but a good 17 and up.  Could Watson, Brewer, Bogans, and most importantly Scalbrine be valuable trade assets combined with that Charlotte pick, I think so.  I left Taj out for a reason, I think he's a valuable big off the bench, and surprisingly I'm reluctant to trade JJ. 

December 15th, shows up when all these guys are fair ground for being shipped and instead of the Carmelo bombshell we hit the league with this:

Bulls Get: SG OJ Mayo from Memphis

Grizz Get: 1st Round Pick (CHAR), PG/SG CJ Watson, and PF Brian Scalbrine

Then to cover our backs at the back up point with CJ gone, you go:

Bulls Get: SG/PG Charlie Bell from Golden St. , and Golden St.'s 2nd Round Pick

Warriors Get: 1st Round Pick (Ours) and SG Ronnie Brewer

Why I think These Trades Could Happen:

1st, the Mayo trade, as I wrote above I just think he's the odd man out down there.  And I think with all the Melo commotion, he's getting lost.  If it were to happen I would want it to happen soon after the Dec. 15th date.  That way, hopefully Booz is infused in the offense, but we aren't too set in our ways yet, because he's just settling in.  Watson, provides them with a nice backup PG to Conley, with basically one year left on his contract, since the last year is non guaranteed.  And Scalbrine is on a non guaranteed contract.  That would bring the money close enough, the Charlotte pick is the bait.  I'd be willing to throw in a future 1st. 

2nd, the Brewer trade, well if they go out and get Mayo, without getting rid of Bogans, then it's a safe bet Brewer is gone.  So you trade him for a nice backup PG.  Golden St. takes this deal because they have a bunch of 6'3 combo guards, and I thought they were trying to be more defensive.  Brewer would provide a nice complement to either Curry or Monta in the backcourt as a guard who could check the SG without a height disadvantage.  Getting Bell back would be a coup for coaching staff.  He would be the perfect PG for our second unit.  Strong D, can run the team, and shoot.  That's why I threw the our 1st round pick in the deal as an enticer. 

After the trade you get:

PG DRose / Bell

SG Mayo / Bogans / Johnson

SF Deng / Korver / Johnson

PF Booz / Gibson / Johnson

C Noah / Asik / Thomas

And that's a team that can battle for the Eastern Conference Finals and Championship in, not only the next couple of years, but this year if they can jell.  Use your Vet Minimum to sign a PF like Earl Barron or Joe Smith, for insurance at the PF/C.

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