Revisting the 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 NBA Drafts

It's been done many times before but I haven't seen one done in a while.  Just been thinking about how much different the NBA landscape would be had the drafts been done over.

Just posting the original top 10 results and what I think might have been done differently now.

*Note: Not basing my opinions on teams needs.  That would take some real dissecting.  Everything is based on best player available.

2007 Original

1) Blazers - Greg Oden
2) Sonics - Kevin Durant
3) Hawks - Al Horford
4) Grizzlies - Mike Conley Jr
5) Sonics - Jeff Green
6) Bucks - Yi Jianlian
7) Timberwolves - Corey Brewer
8) Warriors - Brandan Wright
9) Bulls - Joakim Noah
10) Kings - Spencer Hawes

2007 Revisited

1) Blazers - Kevin Durant
2) Sonics - Joakim Noah
3) Hawks - Al Horford
4) Grizzlies - Jeff Green
5) Sonics - Aaron Brooks
6) Bucks - Mike Conley Jr
7) Timberwolves - Glen Davis
8) Warriors - Wilson Chandler
9) Bulls - Carl Landry
10) Kings - Tiago Splitter

Summary:  You can make several arguments on Noah or Horford being selected second overall but the thing I noticed most about this draft was the drop off in talent after the 3rd overall selection.  All in all, not a deep draft whatsoever.  The Oden pick is the most notable bust.

2008 Original

1) Bulls - Derrick Rose
2) Heat - Michael Beasley
3) Grizzlies - OJ Mayo
4) Sonics - Russell Westbrook
5) Timberwolves - Kevin Love
6) Knicks - Danilo Gallinari
7) Clippers - Eric Gordon
8) Bucks - Joe Alexander
9) Bobcats - D.J. Augustine
10) Nets - Brook Lopez

2008 Revisited

1) Bulls - Derrick Rose
2) Heat - Russell Westbrook
3) Grizzlies - Brook Lopez
4) Sonics - Kevin Love
5) Timberwolves - Eric Gordon
6) Knicks - Michael Beasley
7) Clippers - O.J. Mayo
8) Bucks - Danilo Gallinari
9) Bobcats - Serge Ibaka
10) Nets - George Hill

Summary:  Most of the top 10 talent in this draft was spot on.  Biggest bust was obviously Joe Alexander who's keeping the benches warm in New Orleans.  Looking back though, this draft produced several NBA studs who are currently flourishing with their original teams except for Beasley.  I guess the question is, "Would you pick Lopez over Love?"

2009 Original

1) Clippers - Blake Griffin
2) Grizzlies - Hasheem Thabeet
3) Thunder - James Harden
4) Kings - Tyreke Evans
5) Timberwolves - Ricky Rubio
6) Timberwolves - Johnny Flynn
7) Warriors - Stephen Curry
8) Knicks - Jordan Hill
9) Raptors - Demar DeRozen
10) Bucks - Brandon Jennings

2009 Revisited

1) Clippers - Blake Griffin
2) Grizzlies - Tyreke Evans
3) Thunder - Stephen Curry
4) Kings - Brandon Jennings
5) Timberwolves - Taj Gibson
6) Timberwolves - Darren Collison
7) Warriors - Ty Lawson
8) Knicks - Jrue Holliday
9) Raptors - Rodrigue Beaubois
10) Bucks - James Harden

Summary:  Griffin is obviously living up to the hype even with the year off.  Evans continues to put up impressive numbers and I can only dream of watching Durant and Westbrook playing alongside Curry.  Is Taj currently a higher pick than Collison?  Maybe I'm a homer but I couldn't argue with anyone who argued otherwise.I do know I'd rather have him than Blair though. Notable drop is Rubio but we've yet to see what he could do at the NBA level.  Obvious bust would have to be Thabeet.  Pretty solid class as well.

2010 Original

1) Wizards - John Wall
2) 76ers - Evan Turner
3) Nets - Derrick Favors
4) Timberwolves - Wesley Johnson
5) Kings - DeMarcus Cousins
6) Warriors - Ekpe Udoh
7) Pistons - Greg Monroe
8) Clippers - Al-Farouq Aminu
9) Jazz - Gordon Hayward
10) Pacers - Paul George

2010 Revisited

*It's still way too early to judge most of these kids considering the amount of games played but what we do know is that the Wizards made the right pick.  Obviously, it was the only pick.

Looking back at the last 4 years,  The Bulls and Thunder were the clearly the biggest draft winners of the bunch.  Both have had a couple questionable selections (James Johnson, James Harden) but you can't deny the productivity from most of their picks.  It never hurts to win the lottery too ;)

It's becoming harder and harder to question Gar and Pax once draft time comes.  Free agency though?  That's a whole different story.

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