Deja -vu all over again - Scott Skiles needing to be fired

I was reading Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and saw comments that looked all too familiar.  John Salmons not the same player he was last year and it is time to fire Scott Skiles.  Here are some highlights from the Milwaukee paper.  Does this remind you of the 2007-8 season?

Well Milwaukee Buck's fans I personally think its time we sent Mr Skiles packing. I just do not think he has what it takes to get the most out of this young Buck's team. Time to bring in a coach who is going to drag some kind of offense outta these over paid slugs. Scotty ain't the one!!

Redd is not the answer, a TRUE scorer, a REAL Coach is what this team needs...

Milwaukee Bucks' main logo and selling point:
"Work Hard, Play Hard".
What a joke and inappropriate logo for a pathetic and underacheiving team like this!!!
I saw the game on the NBA Leauge Pass. The two main stars of the team (AB and BJ) were the lazyest and the worst players on the court! JS and EI are not even shadows of what they were last season! ............ BJ complained all summer about not being selected for the olympic team (what a joke there!), and constantly talked about how he is going to be an all star this year (sure!!), having double-double average (yeb!!!), ...., etc. TALK ..... TALK ..... TALK ..... TALK ..... TALK .....PATHETIC!!
Trust and professional respect do not come by cheap talks, THEY ARE EARNED ON THE COURT!  Has anyone watched Chicago games this season? As much as I hate to say it, they are playing excellent team basketball, and are deservingly on the top of the Centeral Division. ............."Fear The Deer" should be put in rest, at least for the time being, until the team truly deserves such an emotional and heroic logo.

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