Wizards fan with a question on DRose.

Let me preface this with I hope I'm not offending with my ignorance re: Derrick Rose or his current performance.  He had a great summer at FIBA, showed strong improvement last season, and with a developing stroke seems to be becoming everything the Bulls need at PG.  That said, he's also a hungry player, and not just on the court.  He grabbed some attention with the "Why not me?" for MVP quote, went on the record preferring Joe Johnson to Dwayne Wade for the spotlight factor.  I'm sure he wasn't a big fan of the spotlight glued to Kevin Durant during tournament coverage, which brings me my question for y'all, which is what are your predictions re: DRose's outlook and performance in the upcoming game against the Wiz?

When a player gunning for MVP goes up against the rookie labeled by many beat writers as "Derrick Rose with a higher ceiling", it's impossible for me to believe that:

1.) Those comments have gone under the radar.

2.) He wouldn't take offense.

3.) He wouldn't be primed to explode.

Some issues to consider:

1.) John Wall's worst performance of the season came against Dwight Howard (duh), but with Yao leaving the HOU game early, he hasn't faced a particluarly effective big man a la Joakim Noah.  With a stiffer interior backing him up, will Rose be able to bother Wall's passing lanes and keep his assist total down?  Wall is currently averaging 10.2 apg.  In a follow-up, can Rose force Wall into turnovers?  Wall is currently averaging 5.2 TO, but is coming off a 1 TO(and even that was questionable) performance against HOU...apparently this was due to watching footage of John Stockton for 45 minutes, lol...we are going to strap him into a chair, tape his eyes open and make him watch every night until the sun comes's important to note that thus far, many of Wall's TO have come when he is trying to force the issue.

2.) Derrick Rose is having his own problems taking care of the ball, averaging 4.3 TO coming into Saturday night's game.  With JWall averaging 3.2 steals (going off for 9 a few nights ago!), will Rose become frustrated with Wall's active defense, or exploit it?  A follow-up, Wall was excellent against HOU, pressuring big men in the double team, while quickly getting back to his man.  In their last matchup at the end of the season, Rose showed a reluctance to attack the paint with Javale McGee in the middle.  With WAS big men showing a renewed committment to interior defense, 10 blocked shots against HOU, and a decided improvement from Javale McGee as well, will Rose be willing to slash to the rim when Wall leaves him to add pressure?  Moreover, are CHI's big men adept enough passers to exploit this?  Rose has been getting to the foul line more this season, will he be willing to initiate contact to draw the shooting fouls?  The outcome of the game may hang on how effectively he can exploit a still inexperienced WAS front line.

3.) Perimeter defense has killed the Wiz this year, and Kyle Korver projects to have a good game against us.  If Wall is collapsing off Rose to deny the entry pass or interior penetration, how confident are you in his ability to hit open shots, especially from three point land?  Rose's current stats are not especially encouraging from downtown, and for some reason I can't access his 16-23 ft shot stats from

I'm sure I've missed a few salient points, and while I'm sure not many, if any of you, have WAS circled on your calender, I thought the Rose/Wall matchup, especially with the hyperbole surrounding the two, was worth a quick fanpost.

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