2010-2011 Game Preview #7 - Bulls vs. Warriors

(Didn't see game preview up and its an hour and a half before the game and I'm bored so yeah here's one)

Bulls and Warriors tonight.  Obviously this game doesn't have the amazing star power like the last game did!  Just kidding.  Tonight brings another one of those "inefficient chuckers" in Monta Ellis, although it should be noted he's playing out of his mind right now and also injured.  Ellis was injured two games ago although it appears he will continue to play.  Currently Ellis is the 2nd leading scorer in the league and an interesting option at SG that could become available down the line, although I think most of us here at BaB agree hes either a) too short or b) too inefficient or c) something else.

Anyways tonight brings one of those fun matchups where likely the score will be in the hundreds and there will be plenty of fastbreaks due to the up tempo nature of the two teams.  Some fun things to watch out for.  How will Derrick guard Curry, another up and coming point guard, although a very different breed of point guard.  I felt Rose and actually the backcourt in general has done a bad job in closing out on shooters like during those Knicks game which could be just as costly tonight.  KC reports we won't be seeing David Lee tonight so I guess we can expect another dominant performance for the amazing Taj/Noah frontcourt (hey Taj were you watching Milsap? I heard you were practicing your threes too over the summer. Don't be afraid to go off for 46 tonight!)
The Warriors are off to a hot 6-2 start, but I like our odds going in and the Bulls really need to capitalize on these next two home games before the dreaded Circus Trip begins next week.

Things to look out for as usual:

- How Thibodeau's rotations continue to shape out
- Rose's defense on Curry
- Brewer's increase/decrease in minutes (really hoping he starts some point during the Circus Trip.)
- C.J. Watson's first game against his old team! (Hopefully he doesn't go out there trying to prove a point...)

Two up tempo teams.  Two very unique point guards.  Two of the league's best jerseys.  Sounds like a fun game tonight. 

Swing by Golden State Of Mind for a...umm....golden state of mind.

Warriors vs Bulls coverage game starts 7pm.

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