League Pass 7

So I signed up for the cheap version of league pass broadband this year, and it forces you to pick 7 teams whose games you can follow through out the regular system.   I think I have to decide before I can launch it.


It poses an interesting conundrum.  I know I'll be selecting the Bulls, but what about the other 6.? Do I pick teams that I think will be fun to watch?  Do I pick teams that I anticipate the Bulls will be fighting with for seeding late in the season? Do I pick the teams that I think will do the best?  Should I pick teams that have former Bulls I'm still invested in (even if their terrible)?   


It probably doesn't matter too much, I really just bought it for the Bulls.  


Any one else buy this package?  What are your 7 teams? Even if you aren't buying the package if you did what would they be?

Here are mine:

[I'm not even considering the Celtics because i'm in their viewing area]

1.) Bulls (obviously)

2.) Miami - they'll either play really great basketball I won't want to miss or at the very least it should be fun tuning in and rooting against them.

3.) OKC - Really good and they play a fun brand of basketball.

4.) L.A. Clippers - They have a bunch of young players and they might really improve this year.  The Blake Griffin ROY chase should be worth the price of admission.  Vinny could prove that having next to no coach is a significant upgrade on Dunleavy.  Plus I want to make sure I have a few West Coast teams in case I want to catch a game after the Bulls game ends.

5.) Bucks - Decent chance Bulls will be fighting with them for playoff seeding at the end of the season which will make their gamers extra interesting.  There is always the chance Jennings will make the jump.

6.) Houston - They've got a lot of talent and I'm hoping Morey swings a sweet deal to make the team more interesting before the deadline.  Besides, I need to get my Bradass fix.

7.) Bullets - Wall, Arenas and the Captain.  It will be fun watching Wall develop.

Some teams I had a hard time leaving off:

Lakers - I'm counting on them being all over ESPN and TNT being defending champs and all

Bobcats - I always like checking in on TT and the Bulls had a pretty good seeding fight with them last year... but I think they lost too much this off season and will fall off.

Suns - Nash and a bunch of SF might be interesting but they could also be so bad that they are boring.

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