Here's 2 trades that I think would be perfect for us.  What do you think (See poll)

Here's my trade scenario:



Tyrus Thomas-John Salmons-Jerome James-James Johnson

Wizards Trade US

Antawn Jamison-Mike Miller


Why this works: Wizards 1) They ain't going nowhere and might be a great place to take the big Tyrus risk/tryout and will have his rights.  If Thomas gets it, it's a fantastic trade for them....they get another athlete in Johnson but he's mostly just a throw in potential talent but little value bust.  Salmons can swap with Butler as the 3/4...they'd have some pieces.  Salmons*might* opt out, Tyrus might be renounced, James is off the books....worst case this is a less risky salary dump for "aging" Jamison, who's a solid piece that they could use if they were good, but they aren't and are a mess, so he's a huge luxury that with Arenas's contract will keep them at the bottom.


Why this works for us.  This is a perfect trade for Chicago if you ask me.  Jamison might be a bit old, but he's really good, a great leader, and seems a nice versatile inside-outside fit with Rose and Noah....quick, has some real post moves.  Negative on him is a bit contract for his age, but if he stays healthy--which I wouldn't see why that's a HUGE risk, but hey it's a risk, we need to take one....Mike Miller expires but if he gets healthy int he meanttime fits a need for our likely 7th/8th seed playoff push. 


Immediately follow by

Bulls (sadly) dumping Hinrcih to the

Lakers (maybe adding a 2nd round pcik or non lottery first rounder) to the Lakers for the crap that is Adam Morrison (Expiring) and Vujacic (not expirign, damn he makes $5M next year too).

This is a pure cap dump for the Bulls.  Our players signed for next year are: Rose-Jamison-Deng-Noah-Vujacic-Gibson and we'd be at $39,496,281 for that....that's better than the $49.3M we're at today, and maybe too we can definately say Hello Wade or Johnson and even another nice-ish mid pick with another veteran.


Lakers due this trade obviously cuz Kirk has long seemed a perfect fit for their offense, nice D, high IQ bball, and they get rid of some crap for it too.....

What do you think?

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