Time for a Ben Gordon follow-up

I cannot think of a more contentious issue on this blog than Ben Gordon.  For those with short memories we spent approximately two years, maybe even longer debating what to do with Ben.  Bulls management has been skewered.  BaBullers have at times ripped each other apart.  The passion over the issue at times turned ugly.  My intent is to follow-up with an issue that has haunted us for years, not to resurrect the ugliness.  I have learned that everyone on this blog is a passionate Bulls fan.  We have different opinions but are united in our passion for this team. 

After all the energy and time we spent over this issue I am interested in your opinion.  I understand we will not know whether Ben Gordon's leaving was the right or wrong thing for the Bulls for years to come, and maybe we will never know for sure.  We need to wait until we see if we get a free agent and if we do does the free agent transform this team into a legitimate contender.  However the debate over the outcome does continue.  I would agree with you if you accuse me of cherry picking a time to create this fan post.  However, we are over half-way through the season and I am interested in the opinion on BaB.  I am sure there will be other follow-ups as time reveals more on this issue.  A poll is attached.  First let me attempt to list some pros and cons to Ben not being here.  I assume you already know them but I listed them to have a more informed opinion when you vote.  We know each other too well on the blog to hide my bias but I will try to present both sides of the issue.  I'm sure others will correct my omissions.

The team would be better today if Ben Gordon were here

  1. Ben would have increased Rose's development by spreading the floor opening up the middle for Rose
  2. The Bulls would be fighting for the second seed in the East now with Gordon
  3. Since signing Gordon would have ruled out going for a top free agent Ben is better than anything we could get in 2010
  4. We could have traded Hinrich for expiring contracts and still gone after a Free Agent in 2010 and kept Gordon
  5. Ben Gordon's explosiveness combined with Rose's development would have made this team unstoppable

The team is better without Gordon

  1. Rose has been forced to be the go-to guy and has developed quicker without Gordon
  2. We are a better defensive team without Gordon and defense wins championships
  3. We are in an ideal position of being good and having the opportunity via cap space to get a top free agent 2010
  4. The Bulls are playing more team basketball not relying on or waiting for Ben to explode and take over a game
  5. Ball movement is better without Ben
  6. We have not risked the next five years being strangled by a huge contract for a role player

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