Can We Get a Win-Win trade (Chi/Was/Mil) Situation? (And my 2010 Offseason Plan)

I'm looking at everybody's trade ideas, and I noticed something.  It's either a trade to win now, or a trade targeted for this summer that would probably hurt our chances of winning this year.  Why can't we do both?  I think these two trades can set us for both. I'm also going to include what I would do with the team this offseason.  Making this an all inclusive post :)

Opinions are always welcome...


First, we trade Kirk Hinrich straight up for Mike Miller.  Salaries are basically the same just that Miller is an expiring contract.  I'd be willing to throw in James Johnson, if they want to send JaVale McGee or Nick Young with Miller, preference being McGee. I don't know why he doesn't get any burn, everytime I watch a Wiz game he does good things on the court, when given a chance.

Bulls do this because Mike Miller adds the shooter we so sorely need.  He seems lost in the mix here in DC, Saunders has no idea what to do with him, some nights he gets  big minutes, others he's not seen.  Washington does the trade because it sets them up to blow up the team.  With the uncertainty around the Arenas situation, they add a legit PG who if Gil comes back can complement him in the backcourt.  If not it gives them a guard to put in there with Foye who can defend 2's

Second, we trade John Salmons for Luke Ridnour straight up.

Bulls do this because after trading Hinrich, we're gonna need a backup PG so there are no Pargo sightings, and Ridnour is an expiring contract.  He seems to have the same skill set as Hinrich to me.  I'll admit I haven't seen him play all that much tho.  Milwaukee does it because they need scoring from somewhere in the worst way, with Redd going down.  They're still the 8th seed in the East right now, this move might let them hold on to it.

We're 2 and half games behind the 5th seed in the East, we're already going on a lil run.  I don't  want to give up on Ty for anything but a superstar, and perferably I'd like to be able to keep him next year and sign a max. 

So for the rest of this year our lineup looks like this:

PG D. Rose / Ridnour

SG M. Miller / Ridnour

SF Deng / Miller / J. Johnson

PF Gibson / Ty Thomas

C Noah / Miller

Mike Miller is an upgrade over Salmons, and Ridnour and Hinrich are probably a push. Plus we gain 15 mil in cap space for the summer.  That would give us by my calculation about 37 mil to spend in the offseason (I may be wrong). 

My offseason plan may not be very popular, but here it is anyway...

Unless Bosh or Lebron is serious about moving (which I really don't see), I don't go after a max contract.  D. Wade is a great talent but he's staying in Miami.  I would go after Joe Johnson, at a price just below max, and David Lee, at about 10 mil.  Resign Ty at 6 mil.  That would leave us with about 7 mil, I try to sign a nice backup SG (Raja Bell, Roger Mason), and see if Miller wants to sit the bench for a nice low price.  In the draft I'd like to see us go PG, someone like Armon Johnson would be nice(keep an eye on him, plays for Nevada)  Oh, and we fire Vinny and go with Avery Johnson as coach.

Next Year's lineup:

PG D. Rose / Rookie

SG Joe Johnson / Raja Bell

SF Deng / James Johnson

PF David Lee / Ty Thomas

C Noah / Gibson / Miller

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