More Trade Ideas

In NBA 2k10, I did a few trades that could be in real life done if I were the actual Bulls GM. I shed salary without crippling the current team.



Bare in mind in 2010/2011 season

Deng earns $11,355,850

Hinrich earns $9,000,000

Costing: 20,355,850



During this season, I traded:

Hinrich and Pargo for Vujacic, Farmar, and Morrison (the Lakers also gave me 1st round pick)


Deng for Hill and Barbosa (and we swapped my 2nd round pick for the Sun's 1st round pick)

And I'm left with a roster consisting of:

Rose - Farmar - Hunter

Barbosa - Vujacic - Salmons

Hill - Johnson - Morrison

Thomas - Gibson

Noah - Miller - Gray - Johnson



And now the salary situation:

Morrison and Farmar expire: -$7,204,468

Expirings Bulls roster equal: -$25,419,592

Total: -$32,624,060

And if Hill and Salmons opt out: another -$9,429,150



Leaving a 2010/2011 roster of:

assuming a $53,600,000 cap

Rose, Barbosa, Vujacic, Johnson, Gibson, Noah with 29,518,911 in available money (minus 2010 draft pick salaries) to fill the roster

(I stocked 2 extra 1st round draft picks from the trades in game)

or $20,089,761 plus Hill and Salmons if they both opt in (again minus 2010 draft pick salaries)



This up coming season, I'd think Hill would opt out and Salmons would stay, depending on what happened with the draft (probably trade up and get a quality shooter so I could move Vujacic's expiring the up coming season), I'd probably chase Boozer and hopefully sign him in the 10-14mil range (avoiding a max salary situation), then chase a role player or two to supplement any depth issues, I'd import Asik, resign Farmar if he has bird rights (unless I landed a point guard in the draft) and hopefully still avoid the luxury tax (the line would be at 65 million) and I'd be left with:

Rose - Farmar (+/- free agent or rookie)

Barbosa - Vujacic (+/- free agent or rookie)

Salmons - Johnson (+/- free agent or rookie)

Boozer - Gibson

Noah - Asik (+/- free agent or rookie)

Salmons and Vujacic immediately go on the trade block




(salary cap estimates based on article )





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