Would you do this Bosh deal? I would.

Would you do this deal?  


Chicago gets Chris Bosh (deal only goes through if he signs an exstension), Rasho Nesterovic, Monte Ellis, and Anthony Morrow


Golden State gets John Salmons and either Tyrus Thomas or Jerome James (whichever they want) and a top three protected 1st round pick this year or unprotected 1st round pick next year.


Toronto gets Joakim Noah, and Brad Miller


Why we do it: Chicago gets the player that appears to be their main wish in Bosh, Chicago gets their shooting guard in Ellis.  Ellis is not Dwayne Wade (the other main wish), but he averages 26 points per game, 2.4 steals a game, 5.4 assists a game.  We get Morrow and Nesterovic as bench players (both with expiring deals). 


Why Golden State does it: The team is not entirely happy with Ellis.  He doesn't want to play in Golden State anymore, and the general feel from the fan base is that they want him gone. Moreover, they aren't winning with Ellis.  They get Salmons, to rent for a year (or two) with the option to sign him to a longer deal, and Tyrus (seemingly perfect for a Nellie offense) or James (to create cap space).  Plus the pick would allow the team to rebuild around the key players they have left. 


Why Toronto does it: They are going to lose Bosh.  Plain and simple.  He is going to Houston, New York, Miami, Chicago, or somewhere.  He will not play in Toronto next year.  In return they get a player (who is absolutely loved in Chicago) that is up and coming.  He is averaging a double double this year, near the league lead in rebounds, and he has a passion that you won't find in most NBA players.  He is a defensive stopper to build around.  Next to Turgolu and Bargnani (to offensive players), Noah would be a beast defending the rim. 


Downside, Chicago loses out on Wade and Lebron (no way in hell he comes to Chicago), they get a player that has not won at the NBA level in Ellis with questions on work ethic. Moreover, Ellis is a small sg (6-3 180 - which is why we got rid of Gordon).  We are cashing in our chips on something less than the ideal plan.  We lose Noah. This cannot be understated.  It cannot be sold.  We lose a fan favorite, with unlimited work ethic, coming into his own, right before his prime.  Plus we will have to go through him for the foreseeable future in the east.

Upside, Chicago gets (barely) second tier shooting guard with unlimited range who is 24 and coming into his prime.  Ellis can break anyone down off the dribble.  Ellis plays defense, maybe not all league defense, but he is not a slouch.  Plus Chicago gets to keep Deng (third option - fourth with Bosh and ellis) and Hinrich (defense, can play SG and PG), both are overpaid, but very good at what they do.  We end up with something instead of ending up with nothing in the 2010 sweepstakes.  Plus we have a legit shot this year in the playoffs and for the foreseeable future.

btw, this deal works on the nba trade machine

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