This (Bulls/Mavs trade) works, but does it. Trade scenario, cap folks let me know.

Ok so here's a trade that at the face of it looks terrible, but could be the real excuse this org needs to fully focus on 2010.

Bulls trade LUOL DENG and James Johnson to the Mavericks for Eric(a) Dampier.


Why this works for Dallas.  First of all they kill in the talent dept of this trade.  They get Deng, who can be relied upon to save face for Josh Howard who's perennially injured, and at the same time get younger, and will be even stronger in the playoff run.  Sure they have Marion and are on paper thin at the C spot.  But Damp's not helping them much as is, and Marion's more effective at the 4....they change their style Gooden's the C, Dirk starts, Deng starts at the 3 spot. Marion plays some 3/4 more and Dirk sits a bit at the 5 spot.....Deng has the rep for being able to pick up any system (save Vinny's systemless start last year) and is a good guy for the NBA....I see no reason from their perspective to not want this trade....

Ultimately this doesn't hurt them this year (heck it should make them better)....James Johnson of course is a mere throw in for salary purposes.


Why this works for the Bulls.   Well this is a longer term strategy move.  And who knows Damp when healthy might be a shade better than current Brad, but ultimately that doesn't matter.  Bulls make this trade because Dampier's unguaranteed next year.  I presume we can renounce his rights on day 1 and have another $12.1M to spend on free agents.  Bulls still have Noah-Rose and might be able to keep Tyrus.

On top of this move for Chicago, they Fire Vinny immediately, instantly put in Bickerstaff as an interim basis (with no chance of a rehire save for a remarkable turnaround).  Bulls look long and hard for the right coach, all the while Bickerstaff's goal/purpose is to just play the young guys and see what we got....Bulls are major major players (even more so) next year....


THis works in the trade machine, but from a cap and contract perspective does it work? i.e. when does Eric Dampier's salary become unguaranteeed, can it be available on day 1 of free agency?


What do you think?  I might be misreading something.


Ultimately I'd rather see Kirk go than Luol, Luol's getting a bit of the short end of the stick here as he is believe-it-or-not a good player paid appropriately for his production.  But the Bulls need to get better, and we have a huge opportunity to do so this summer, and will look even more appetizing to free agents wtih this additional room, knowing that we might be able to get 1 Max and 1 very solid premier player for close to max (I haven't done all that math)....

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