02-03 Nets; 09-10 Bulls

"Forget your weaknesses, focus on your strength" -Spoelstra

The season is fast approaching and the players are gonna get ready for the new season via the training camp w/c is barely a month away, I can't help but notice the fact that the line-up had minor changes. The only major move(thing) that happened was the BG walking and the drafting of two rookies in James Johnson and Taj Gibson. According to Gar, the line up is ready as it is for the new season. Of course, we are still going to start the new season yet again for the nth time with a hole in the middle(Lack of low post scoring), so what gives? What will be the expectations with the bulls this upcoming season?

First, the Bulls need to do what the quote above says, meaning yeah we are still a donut team, but we are young and athletic. The system of VDN, w/c is spread the floor to create an opportunity to drive and dish, and run the floor like crazy is best suited for this line up. There is no question Derrick Rose is on the rise, so everything is gonna depend on how he performs and leads this team. We need to capitalize and maximize on our youth and energy  every time.

Will this team rake enough wins to qualify for a playoff spot? Yes. Absolutely. Rose is a winner all his life, and he will do everything in his power to help the team win, en route to hopefully an all star selection. The team chemistry is at an all time high, meaning this team will play like a team and help each other on the court. There is no position glut out there everything is determined, who are the starters and who are the role players. There is no distraction, we don't have Larry Hughes nor we don't have a player who frequently complains, or a head case. The injuries that bother players like Kirk and Lu are healed, so this team is ready.

Some of us might ask why the management did not go for a line-up overhaul, but i think Gar did a nice job in building this team. It closely resembles a team led by a point guard named J Kidd back on their hay days.






And we have a better bench of Hinrich, Miller and Johnson, compared to Lucious Harris, Rodney Rogers and Aaron Williams. Our style is a lot like theirs, so maybe we can have some of that success with this line-up too.

That Nets team went to the finals two years in a row, and maybe just maybe, when everything falls accordingly this season, we might reach the Conference finals heaven. We are "sleepers", you know.

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