Where do we go from here?

I was sad to hear that Gordon is gone but for the welfare of the Bulls future we had to let him go.  No team that I can remember won a championship with such an undersized starting SG.  Plus with our payroll we could not afford to overpay Gordon as I beleive the Pistons have.  Now that the Ben Gordon situation appears to be resolved we can start to analyze where the Bulls should go from here.

First and Foremost

The Bulls need to stop sitting on their hands and get a proven PF.  For years now the Bulls have needed a true PF that can play defense, rebound, and score down low.  I do not understand why the front office has let this go unresolved for so many years now.  Tyrus Thomas has a very low basketball IQ and is a bit undersized.  Thomas is a great athlete but  he has proven too inconsistent in the past couple of years to be the answer for us at the starting PF position.  In my mind Thomas is not the type of PF a championship contender want in their starting lineup.

There are proven Power Forwards available now and we need to get one of them.  We can not afford to wait on this.  The Free Agents next year are looking for teams that are potential contenders to sign with.  We already lost our leading scorer.  Without addressing our need for a big man we will not be genuine contenders.  

Who do we get?

Carlos Boozer or David Lee.  These two big men can bring the toughness the Bulls so desperately need down low and they are availabe.  The front office can not afford to let this opportunity pass them by as they have in the past (e.g. Gasol).  One trade example that works is the Bulls sending Jerome James 6 mill expiring contract and Tyrus Thomas 3.7 million with two years left to the Jazz in exchange for Charlos Boozer and his 1 year 11.5 million dollar contract.  I think that could work for both teams the Jazz would get a little salary relief putting them in a better position to sign Millsap and then have a pretty good backup PF in Thomas for a fair price.  The Bulls would get a proven big man that can contribute IF he stays healthy.  Since Boozer will be in a contract year he will likely have something to prove.

The second option is to go after a sign and trade deal with the Knicks for David Lee.  Give them Thomas and an expiring contract.  The Knicks gain more cap space in 2010 which seems to be their current area of focus and the Bulls get a young proven big man for years to come.

I understand that making these deals is not a simple process but the Bulls front office have sat complacent for too long now.  They need to get one of these deals done or go after an alternative like Amare.  Many other teams in the East have made great strides this off-season.  The Bulls have already lost their leading scorer.  If they do not make a move to improve their team this off season we are in big trouble and may even be outside of the Playoff picture come the end of the year. 

After signing Pargo we have little to no space from the luxury tax so it does not look like the Bulls will be doing anymore business this off season.  Before signing Pargo they could take on about 2 to 3 million in contract due to the three exeptions they have but now that is over.  This might be why Pargo is not "officailly" sighned yet the Bulls may be working on a trade to get Boozer, which would involve moving Hinrich amongst others.  I still beleive it will be necessary to make a move for a talented big man I just don't have the confidence in the Bulls front office to get it done.

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