To the Bulls' Front Office

Dear JR, Gar and Pax (but mainly just JR),

Thank you for the memories.  Just kidding.  Screw you.

I understand why the Bulls didn’t want to resign Gordon for that asinine amount of money (for a one dimensional player that is).  I was as critical of BG as anyone over the past few years, although it is sad to see the best Bulls player since MJ leave to the hated Pistons


I do, however, have a couple concerns about the message this organization consistently sends to its fans: we care more about profits than winning.  It just seems like JR views the Bulls as his investment, and the White Sox as his team.  For quite a few years, the Bulls have been the most profitable franchise in all of pro basketball – this is fact.  But while teams like the Lakers, Magic, Celtics and Cavaliers are willing to go into the luxury tax to ensure they have a chance at contending for a championship, the Bulls (i.e. JR) flat-out refuse to (at least since MJ left). 


There aren’t too many teams out there that draft a guy #3 overall, have him lead your team in scoring for 4 straight years (he’s the Bulls’ 7th all-time leading scorer also) and then let him walk for absolutely nothing.  The only other team that has done something like that (without injuries or personality conflicts involved) are the 1996 Orlando Magic.  And it took them 13 years to get back to an NBA Finals.  Sheesh.


Also, does anyone else remember Gar Forman on ESPN1000 last week saying that resigning BG was the Bulls’ number one offseason priority?  Well, Ben Gordon was on ESPN1000 this morning stating that the he gave the Bulls an opportunity to match or come close to the Piston’s offer and they replied, “no thanks.”  Should I expect GarPaxDorf to label this offseason a failure?  Of course not.  We got James Johnson and Taj Gibson, fool!


I know that resigning Gordon doesn’t guarantee a championship (or even make us contenders), but it does keep us from regressing this year in terms of on-court production.  How do we plan on replacing that 20 ppg?  James Johnson and Taj Gibson?  I mean, if the Bulls weren’t planning on attempting to resign BG then why on earth did we draft two forwards last week?  It just doesn’t make sense when Wayne Ellington and Toney Douglas were still on the board at 26 (maybe the Bulls legitimately thought they could get BG for the MLE?  If so, they’re crazy). 


It just kind of feels like a slap in the face that the organization can’t go into the luxury tax once in a decade to ensure we have a playoff team this season.  How about some payback to the fans who bought tickets, merchandise and watched games during the Ron Mercer/Dickey Simpkins years?  We still have about 25 million in expiring contracts coming off the books – more than enough to sign a big FA next summer.


I guess what I’m saying is that I hope the Bulls have some sort of plan.  I just don’t know what it could possibly be.  Telling the fans to wait another year just isn’t going to cut it for me – we’ve been waiting more than a decade!  The second half of this season was incredibly exciting, and I’m having a hard time believing that exchanging BG for two rookies is going to provide the same kind of feeling this year.


Thank you JR, for all your love and dedication to keeping my favorite team in NBA purgatory.  It does not go unnoticed.


Your #1 disgruntled fan,


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