Trade Proposal: Boozer and Brewer for Gordon and Tyrus (and garbage?)

It looks like Carlos Boozer will not be opting out of his contract.  It doesn't look like the Pistons are prepared to make him a large offer.  This trade proposal is contingent on two things - Boozer choosing to opt for the final year of his contract and the Bulls not seriously pursuing Gordon as a free agent.  I'd rather keep Gordon, but if the other option is losing him to the Pistons...

According to Chad Ford, Boozer may not opt out of his contract.  Given that the Bulls don't seem too intent on keeping Gordon or Tyrus, is it a good idea for the Bulls to sign and trade Gordon and Tyrus for Boozer and Brewer?  Here is the trade:


Utah Sends

Boozer and Brewer to the Bulls = total salaries 09/10 $ 15.4 million (or so) -

Bulls Send

Gordon, Tyrus Thomas, Roberson to the Jazz  = Gordon signs for something like $8.5 mil in first year, Tyrus Thomas $4.7 million a year, Roberson $850k (14 million total) -

The Bulls may have add in a Linton Johnson or Nelson because of BYC issues.  Oh well.

Bulls lineup (9 man rotation)

Rose / Hinrich

Salmons / Brewer

Deng / Salmons/ Johnson

Boozer / Noah / Johnson

Noah / Miller

Why the Bulls do it:  It is looking increasing like the Bulls do not want to give Gordon or Tyrus a long term contract.  If you believe the rumors,, the Bulls are unhappy with Tyrus and have been moving him but can't find takers. The Bulls seemingly have a crowded backcourt (although only Gordon has proven himself consistent over 5 NBA seasons), and the long term defensive implications of Rose-Gordon don't look too promising.  I don't want to lose Gordon for nothing, that is a waste of an asset.

So instead of Bulls losing Gordon for nothing, the Bulls essentially get to rent to Boozer for this season with the option of paying him for additional years if they can't get Bosh or his play warrants it.  Boozer is a pretty good fit on the current Bulls team.  Boozer can play with his back to the basket but also play pick and roll with Rose.  He is a good rebounder and scorer who can give you 20 and 10 a night when healthy. Unlike Amar'e, he won't cost 20 mil a year if resigned, and if he turns out to be a poor fit, the Bulls have an additional $12 million coming off their cap next season to give to Bosh/Wade/Lebron.

Due to Luxury tax concerns the Bulls would also probably still have to trade Hinrich - (Hinrich for Blake/Outlaw works) - which makes sense anyway because with Brewer's D, Hinrich becomes more expendable and he will eventually be moved anyway when you consider that Rose is going to be playing 38 mpg at the point.  There is no reason to keep Hinrich around.  Brewer, on the other hand, fits the profile of Bulls players the team has been trying to acquire - long, athletic and defensive minded.  He is good in the open court and a strong rebounder.  He just doesn't deserve to play 35 mpg, and on the Bulls, he won't have to.  The Bulls would than cut Outlaw, not offer the qualifying offer to the Big Sexy and, rake in enough dough to make Jerry smile.


Why the Jazz do it:  It doesn't appear the Jazz want Carlos Boozer.  With Okur also having the opportunity to opt out of his contract and Milsap seeking a big raise, the Jazz are strapped for cash along the frontline.  The Jazz could buy out Roberson, Nelson, Johnson etc. while saving money on the trade in general.  That would give them an extra 3 to 4 million to offer Milsap.  From what I can tell, the Jazz don't seem to be as frightened of the luxury tax as the Bulls. 

Gordon is also the wing scorer the Jazz sorely need.  Brewer and CJ Miles simply don't cut it on the perimeter.  What they lose in defense from Boozer they make up for by having the best pair of shot blocking fowards in the NBA with Kirlenko and Tyrus.  Plus given Deron Williams size and gut he could switch over to guard some 2s.  The Jazz have trouble attracting free agents, particularly black free agents.  But  by signing Gordon their backcourt could be set for the next 5 years.  (Of course the Bulls backcourt could be set for the next 5 years with Gordon, but that doesn't look like its going to happen).  Williams-Gordon-Kirlenko-Milsap-Okur is a formidble lineup, and though not a favorite, a dangerous team in the west. 


If the intention is not to sign Gordon and the organization has lost faith in Tyrus, than it makes  sense to move both while the Bulls can still get something in return.  Brewer is a player with long term potential.  Boozer is a very good player, an all-star when healthy, who immediately upgrades the Bulls defensive rebounding and interior scoring.  Instead of letting assets wither and die on the vine, the Bulls should make a move to improve the team.

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