Rumor: Phoenix - Boston Trade and How the Bulls Could Use It to Their Advantage

There's a rumor out of Phoenix that the Celtics called the Suns with a proposed Amare deal.  Via 17 Banners:

Trade rumor out of Phoenix: Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo for Amare Stoudemire, Leandro Barbosa, and the 14th overall pick. Source:

Not sure if this is entirely speculation, but it is being talked about (Gambo & Ash) on the radio as I write this. No sources mentioned, so take it as such. They did mention that Boston initiated the proposal, and that the Suns have not made a comment on it as of yet.

On the surface, I don't like the trade. And I think most Celtics fans would feel the same way. On the flip-side, Phoenix fans are calling in, saying that Amare alone is worth Rondo and Allen. My question - where the hell would Perk play? Unless there's more to this, it makes little sense for the C's. However, this is the type of haul that Ray Allen's expiring contract, and another piece or two (not Rondo, by the way), could bring.

After the jump, what I think this says about the Celtics future plans and how the Bulls can use that to their advantage to land Kevin Garnett.


So, the way I've interpreted this rumor (assuming that it's true, which I'll grant is a big assumption, but it's the premise of this piece so let's roll with it, kay?) is that the Celtics don't feel they can win any more titles with this group, so they are going to try and rebuild on the fly.  That's the only way that selling off your best young player, indeed, one of the best young PGs in the league, makes sense. 

The other thing the rumor tells me is that the Celtics are probably going to be looking to move Kevin Garnett.  It's the only way that bringing in Amare makes sense.  He and KG are too similar on offense to play together, and KG just had knee surgery after the age of 30.  The Celtics are likely to want to keep chasing championships with Pierce as he's the most durable of the Celtics Big 3 and he's also the youngest at 31.

What would the Celtics starting roster look like after the proposed deal with the Suns?

PG:??? (Pruitt or House?)

SG: Barbosa

SF: Pierce

PF: KG / Amare

C: Perkins


Finally, trading Rondo in an Amare deal leaves the Celtics with a gigantic hole at the PG spot.  Enter the Bulls and Kirk Hinrich.

Kevin Garnett makes $16,451,934 next year, according to Sham's numbers.

Kirk Hinrich makes $9,5000.  Add Tim Thomas's $6,466,600 (or Jerome James's $6,600,000 player option for next year, depending on if the C's want productive players or an expiring) to that and you have a near perfect fit salarywise, with the Bulls taking back a little bit of extra salary. But Kirk and an expiring wouldn't net you KG. You'd need to include picks. Throw in the 16th and 26th in this draft.  Is that enough?  I'm not sure.  Maybe you include Tyrus Thomas and take back Scalabrine. I'm not sure that I would, because if the Celtics are planning on parting with KG, there are serious concerns to be had about his health.  Then again, if you're getting KG, where does Tyrus get minutes? With Brad Miller, KG, and Noah on the team, there'd be a real minutes crunch for Tyrus, so maybe it makes sense to deal him in this sort of deal.  So, assuming Tyrus is included in the deal with Scal coming back and assuming the Celtics wanted Jerome James's deal, what would a deal like this leave the teams looking like? (Note: again, this all assumes the C's have already made the rumored trade with the Suns)

The Celtics would end up with:

Hinrich, Barbosa, Pierce, Amare, and Perkins as their starting 5 with the 14th, 16th, 26th picks in this draft, plus Tyrus Thomas, Eddie House (if he picks up his player option), Tony Allen, Gabe Pruitt, Bill Walker, and Giddens on their bench.  That would give them a starting 5 of comparable talent to what they have now (only younger) with much, much better depth, or at least the potential for much better depth (assuming Ainge does well with those picks, which will probably be the case).

The Bulls would end up with:

Rose, Gordon (they'd have to resign him if they're swinging for the fences with this trade), Deng, KG, Noah starting with Salmons, Miller, Tim Thomas contributing (there's the 8 man rotation that Vinny can't screw up) plus Scalabrine, Demarcus Nelson, and Aaron Gray on the bench.  The Bulls would have to fill the rest of the roster with minimum salary guys, unless they could get guys to flock to Chicago ring-chasing. The biggest concern I would have is that Rose wouldn't have a backup at all, unless you had Gordon run the point when he was out of the game (which is not THAT bad an idea, despite what his detractors say).

It's a pretty thin, top-heavy roster as is.  But, I think it probably competes for tops in the East next year.  I don't know if it's worth it, especially because of my questions about KG's knee health, but if the Celtics give that Godfather offer to the Suns for Amare, I don't know that we stand much of a chance of getting him, so the only other option for that young mythical post presence is Bosh.  This deal allows you to keep Deng (who you'd almost certainly lose in a Bosh deal), but you lose Tyrus (which you definitely would in any Bosh deal) and there's the question of whether KG for the next 3 years is  close to as good or better than you would get from Bosh.  It all depends on his health.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts. Any financial calculations I didn't factor in (I'm sure I missed plenty), and any tweaks that you might make or if you think the whole idea is crazy talk.

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