I'm not dissapointed just interested...

I like many others was extremely upset with us skipping over Blair with both picks on Thursday, but then I slept on it.  Read and reread a couple of pre draft analysis of both players.  I was an advocate of selecting Taj Gibson early on in the process, albeit with a 2nd round pick, but hey he's here anyway.  Unlike others of u, I think we did a pretty solid job in the draft. To me Johnson and Gibson can fit right into the team seamlessly

Johnson is the 3/4 that we thought we had in Nocioni before he became 3 pt. happy.  He's a bruiser as a 3, who will take smaller 3's down on the block (post up option maybe).  As a 4, we use him out on pick and roll and pick and pop, he will give other 4's all types of problems, cuz he actually has some handle and can get to the rack with either hand.  He complements both Deng and Ty, so it's not so much that he's being brought in as a replacement, just added insurance.

Gibson, is a super sized Ty, but again don't be so set on him being a replacement.  He, too, can be a great complement to our frontcourt.  Think about the last couple of years, wheneva Ty got in early foul trouble what happened?  Either we had to go small with Nocioni at 4, once we got Miller he came in, or before Miller Gray came in.  Having Gibson now gives us another option.  He can come in when any of the bigs get in foul trouble, and to me is a great tag team partner for Miller off the bench. Remember, during the Boston series when we all complained about the lack of a shot blocker and lack of rebounding, wheneva Noah and Thomas had to be out the game, well he's the answer to that problem.  And even though Blair would've addressed one of those problems, the D wouldn't have been addressed.

Now what do we do in FA, that's what interests me.. I'm not really sold on the BG leaving thing, I think he comes back and at a pretty reasonable price.  And if he's set on leaving, I'm pretty sure some kind of sign and trade can be worked out to our benefit.  He won't be leaving for nothing.  These Detroit rumors just don't scare me, I think they spend their money on Boozer and Hedo.  And if Gordon is serious about winning then Memphis and OKC, shouldn't really attract him.  That being said, we resign him and sign another SG/SF with part of our MLE(please go after Gerald Green) for the rotation and go into the 2009-2010 season looking like this:

PG  Rose     Hinrich   Nelson

SG  Gordon     Salmons  Green

SF   Deng     Johnson   Green   TiT

PF  Ty Thomas   Johnson   Gibson    TiT

C   Noah   Miller


This leaves us with more than enough chips to make a midseason deal, or we can stand pat.  This team as made up with resigning Gordon is a legit playoff team, and could be a contender.  Like I've said before, if these 2010 free agents aren't just blowing smoke about the wanting to win thing, then we'll be a major attraction.

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