A Case For Sam Young

I first started off just asking this as a question ( ) but as i did more searching and reading on Mr. Young the more intrigued i got with him as a prospect for the bulls at pick number 16.

From as far as i can tell Sam Young possess skills that can help the bulls now and the future. First off, i don't think he has the ability to be a starter which perhaps many feel that henderson may have the ability to do. I think ultimately Sam Young is gonna be a role player, at best a 6th man. This however is also what makes me like him as a prospect since i believe the only position the bulls could use a starter in is power forward. At shooting guard the ideal is to get ben gordon, but if that fails john salmons and ultimately even hinrich could take that spot. At sf i think deng is safe as our starter for at least another year, but i could see salmons taking that position if deng is traded.

Sam Young is the kind of player, that at a solid 6'6, he could play either sg or sf. He is the kind of player that contribute at both those positions right away because of his skill set. What is his skill set you ask? Well first off from all I've read at draft express defense seems to be his forte. He does have the speed and length to keep up with even the quickest sfs in the league and as he gets stronger he might be the kind of guy that can stay with the "Iggys" of the league and possibly be one of our best lebron defenders.

This to me is a great asset in ability since i think you want your role players to be the kind of players that can come off the bench and not give up leads so that the starters could rest without worrying about their guy getting into a rhythm.

Then we have Young's offense. This is one of the primary reasons he would be a great role player but perhaps not a starter. He isn't the kind of guy who can set up his own shot. this is good in a way because he will be playing with derrick rose, so as good as rose gets, the better young will look on offense. Offensively he is a terrific finisher or so seems it according to youtube highlights, but what intrigues me most is that he is a back to the basket game and has the ability to shoot 3s fairly well.

Having a back to the basket game wont mean we have our consistent post scorer, but it does give us an option to post smaller back-courts up the way our back-courts have always been exploited. I mean we have already tried the deng experiment and i wasn't a big fan of it at all. And the 3 point shooting thing helps since playing with rose we need guys who can shoot from range. Best of all about his offense is that, as far as i have read, he doesn't force anything. Unlike James Johnson who may get out of control at times, Young seems to understand his limitations. So I could imagine Young faking a 3, using his speed to get to the rim, and going into a quick back to the basket move and either passing out or scoring. Where most players would simply shoot the 3 and miss, or drive in hard and commit a charge or find the defense waiting to block, Young will be a guy that wont hinder the offense when he is in the game.

To me young is a better asset to have than henderson. He can allow us to get rid of some of our players like salmons, hinrich, gordon, or deng, contribute right away, and be available to draft without having to move up.

However the flaw in my reasoning might mainly lie in the fact that i have never watched Young actually play. So if anyone has any thoughts on him at all i gladly welcome them.



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