Timberwolves - Wiz Trade Aftermath

Okay trading Mike Miller and Randy Foye away leaves the Wolves looking for a backcourt.  There were no guards coming back to them in the trade.  They now also have 4 1st round picks(#5,6,18,28).  I don't see them going into the season with a rookie backcourt, and the only guard worth anything thats left is Telfair.  So maybe the time is right for....

The front office to wave Hinrich around in front of them.  Something like Hinrich and #16 for #6, #28, and Craig Smith.

Why the Wolves do it:

This new GM seems to want to make some noise.  I just can't see them going into the season depending on 2 rookies in their 3 man rotation, at least not at PG.  It takes a special talent to do that off da break, and none of these guys look the part to me.  You add a solid vet at PG like Hinrich and take Evans/Harden with the 5th pick, and u have a team that may be able to compete for one of those last playoff spots in the West.  They still have #16 and #18 to play with.  I can easily see their roster looking like this:

PG  Hinrich       Telfair

SG  #5- Evans(read they love him)      #18- Terrance Williams

SF  Gomes        #16 James Johnson

PF Love     Songalia

C   Jefferson        Thomas

Not half bad right?  Now to the good part...

Why the Bulls do it:

It gives us a chance to have our cake and eat it too.  We dump Kirk's salary, making it easier to resign BG.  We get the 6th pick, guaranteeing that we get exactly the guy we want.  Or take #6 and drop back to the 8-10 range and still get our guy with a lil extra cash in hand and less to pay.  We then still have the late 20's pick.  You could grab a rotation guy for this year AND grab a guy to hide in Europe for a year. Or take 2 guys u like still on the board.  Or once again drop into the 2nd round and get some loot.   Craig Smith gives us underrated muscle in the block and he expires this season.  So many possiblities...

We could end up looking like this...

PG   Rose        #26- Toney Douglas

SG   Gordon       #8- Henderson

SF   Deng             Salmons

PF    Ty Thomas        Craig Smith

C     Noah            Miller

In this scenario, I trade #6 for NY's #8 and cash(they want to make sure they Stephen Curry) and used the #28 pick to stash SF/PF Jonas Jerebko overseas.  This way he can come in for Salmons next year and Asik comes in for Miller.  We have money for that 2010 FA and still have chips for a midseason trade.

What do u guys think?...

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