Chad Ford's Mock Draft 6.0

This one's interesting.  Chad has once again updated his mock draft (in two parts, 1-5 here and 6-30 here for Insiders).  A review on the movers and shakers and how it impacts the Bulls:

1.  Because Monta Ellis thinks he's a PG and has strongarmed the Warriors into thinking so, too, Ford now has Golden State taking Jordan Hill with the 7th pick instead one of the bajillion true PGs available.  This is significant because of the cascade effect leading to New Jersey taking Jonny Flynn 11th.  Ford has had Hansbrough at 11th for the past few mocks, but says that "if Flynn is on the board, Nets GM Rod Thorn won't hesitate to take him."  Partially because of this, he expects Hansbrough to fall all the way to Utah at #20 (meaning Ford expects him to be available to the Bulls if the Nets take Flynn).

2.  Ford now believes Blair will be a Pacer (pick 13).  Before all the knee drama, Ford reported that Blair would go well before 16, and now it seems he's trending back toward that opinion.  It's not set in stone, however.  Ford states that Indiana will look hard at a PG and would almost certainly take either Holliday or Flynn if either one dropped.  Indiana is also looking at Hansbrough apparently.  So, here's to hoping Holliday or Flynn are still on the board or Ty Lawson has wowed them in workouts.

3.  Ford has Henderson going 14th to the Suns, but that's just a guess based on the fact that Henderson will be the highest prospect available.  Chad mentions that the Suns have looked hard at Earl Clark, James Johnson, and BJ Mullens for this pick, as well.

4.  Here's what Chad has to say about the Bulls:

Analysis: The Bulls have been working the phones this week trying to move up in the draft.


They've talked to the Nets, Bobcats and Pacers about swapping the 16th and 26th picks to move up a few spots.

Who are they after? I've heard everything from Johnson to Blair to Hansbrough to Williams to Mullens here. To be honest, I can't get a terrific handle on which way they are leaning. In this scenario, Williams and Blair are gone, which leaves Johnson, Mullens and Hansbrough.

Hansbrough is the most NBA ready. Mullens has the most upside. Johnson is somewhere in between. I'm not sure exactly how Johnson fits in Chicago with Luol Deng on one side and Tyrus Thomas on the other, but there's no question about his upside.

So, basically, he has no idea (although the pick is Johnson in this mock based on who's available).

5.  Chad has Lawson going to Philly at 17, Mullens going to Minnesota at 18, and Hansbrough going to Utah at 20.  Austin Daye goes to Sac-Town at 23 and Chase Budinger goes to OKC at 25.  This all means that Chad still has the Bulls taking Toney Douglas at 26 (congrats, smash) as a Ben Gordon "insurance policy" and future running-mate of "Jalene" Rose.

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