Boozer Rental

I cannot believe I am proposing this.  I think the Bulls should take a one year flyer on Carlos Boozer.  This is assuming that Boozer does not opt out on his final year and that the Jazz would rather find a way to keep Millsap over Boozer.  I do not see this move as a long term solution for the Bulls.  Rather, I’d expect it to be a one year band aid that potentially puts the team in a better position to acquire a better talent during next season or next summer.


Bulls offer

John Salmons

Jerome James

#16 Pick


Jazz offer

Carlos Boozer

Ronnie Brewer


Why Jazz do it:

On paper, this trade looks terribly lopsided, I admit.  As stated above, this proposal is based on the two assumptions that Boozer does not opt out and that the Jazz (who, unlike the Bulls, actually cannot afford to pay the luxury tax) would rather keep Millsap for the long term.  In that situation, the Jazz need to find ways to limit what they are paying, making James’s assumed insurance covered contract key.  To boot, they get a SG with the size that Jerry Sloan prefers and the perimeter shooting the team desperately needs.  Plus, they get a chance to find a solid young big (Hansborough and Blair both seem Sloan’s type) to replace Boozer in the front court rotation with the 16th pick.  In a contract dumping situation, this is a very good deal.  Asking them to include Ronnie Brewer is probably going too far, but by brining in Salmons, they should offset that loss.  Again, this is from the perspective that it is a salary dump for Utah and they should expect to take back less talent than they bring in.


Why Bulls do it:

Boozer, playing for a new contract and hopefully healthy, should help offset the loss of Gordon’s offense.  Further, he provides a nice option on the pick and roll for Rose to work with.  The value in Boozer, though, also comes in having an expiring deal that is actually attached to a useful player.  This could make him more attractive in a deadline deal or, just let him expire and make the other necessary moves to open cap space for next summer.  Brewer would at least give the Bulls a starting SG who can play defense and is decent on the offensive end.  He is a terrible shooter, so he is not an ideal fit next to Rose and Deng.  Plus, he is going to be an RFA next summer which could affect a 2010 plan.  Still, he is another attractive asset that could be dealt if need be during the course of the season.  Talk about assets, Gar would have Boozer, Miller, Tyrus, Brewer, and TiT available for trading.  Anyways, here is the propose rotation following the trade:


Rose, Hinrich

Brewer, Hinrich

Deng, #26 or TiT

Boozer, Tyrus

Noah, Miller

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