Bulls Need a Coach that can Teach Rose to lead a team.

I also think we need a coach that install offensive and defensive fundamentals. Unless the Bulls jump to an overnight 60 win team attract a 2010 super or all star that'll take Vinny seriously as a championship caliber coach. In my opinion vinny only preaches things from and old phoenix principles. Just being Honest the team is being underdeveloped fundamentally. Tyrus is our intimidating defensive presence and has upside that should be treated just as importantly as Rose's, but in important games Tyrus basically couldn't stay on the court sometimes even after playing well. I'll get back to some of those points later, but I want to talk about how the fans and owners view the bull and how important the is the development of this team is(I want you guys to tell it like it is with your replies). 

Let me know if u agree:

1)Rose is above pace for a Great pg but shouldn't  Our #1 offensive star(needs a complimenting pick,post, and pop big) but also needs defensive fundamentals and awareness (granted the awareness will come in time) and vinny can't coach being a defensive stopper or give you the name of one.

2) Tyrus needs someone to believe in him as sf (he is not a pf), and I know he isn't even thought of as a perimeter player and I dont wont him jackin' 3's but from mid to the hole he could be DEADLY if they develop his dribbling, court vision(he actually isn't to bad at making decisions either when in the flow of the game), and his body. Tyrus could put on 12-16 pounds and be difficult to stop. Imagine Tyrus stronger, tougher and in better condition(he not as tough as josh smith but learning faster offensively.) My only problem is I love Deng and Salmons and tyrus barely plays now at pf.

3) The Bulls eventually will have to address our second biggest need at perimeter defense. I do see them addressing that at the draft though if we have those picks by then. I also see our perimeter d getting a little better if Gordan isn't here. We'll have a bigger rotation with Salmons and Deng playing together a little more. I would really like to see a Trevor Ariza (with offense) like player here, even if it only takes pressure off deng/gordan/salmons/rose we were killed with dribble penetration.

4) I'm tired of the offseason already. I want the draft over, free agency over, preseason over. 

5) I hope Collins comes back after this season to coach. He has proven experience in coaching the areas we need here... defense, leadership, and eventually the ever so important half-court basketball. But I will give the organization some rare, due credit they really aren't screwing things up for a change. If something big happens we're right in position to make a move to get a elite caliber team. Now don't screw it up with stupid draft day trades( i think we could trade up for Hill fairly cheap though) or by being stubborn and let Gordan go with out getting something (pay him, trade him simple) or wasting early development years with your young stars while waiting for big stars

this is my 1st post so be tough fans I can take it (I'm also a Bears fan)

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